International rollout

Take your Product Guide global

Easily transfer your Product Guide into other markets

Easy and powerful international rollout

Translate your Product Guide into different languages and adapt your product assortment and question flow to any international market.

For a scalable rollout and control of your Product Guides from one place, you can use the excentos Workbench. You can centrally configure one Product Guide which can then be replicated across every market, meaning you only need to adjust the language and local configurations.

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Simple and quick

  • implement the Product Guide in as many countries as you want
  • directly implement your new translations into the Workbench
  • adapt data feeds, product assortments and pricing for every country
  • the advice and recommendations provided will automatically adapt to each local data feed
  • the advisor process and the recommendation behavior automatically adapt to the local data feeds
  • you have the option to change the theme, screen design and user-interface for every country
  • if you sell on different brand or retail sites, you can also adapt the Product Guide to fit different countries and markets

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