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  • Providing a product search that focuses on each customer's needs is not an easy task, especially if you have such diverse customer groups. A professional buyer that makes purchases on a frequent base for a large area office approaches your products differently than a home office user.

    The key to providing every customer with perfectly matching recommendations is Digital Product Advice: Product Guides provide customer journeys modeled with your sales expert's knowledge that interactively engage each customer with a personalized experience. It allows you to tailor the questions to every user's experience and present relevant topics only - thus a home office user's advisor flow can be very different from expert advice for a professional buyer.
  • Guided Selling provides your customers with digital advice and personalized experiences:
    Intelligent Product Guides lead your customers to the right product for their office. At the same time, they increase your conversion and margins with great customer service and upselling.

    Explore our vast experience and many features that make online selling of IT and Office Supply products an enjoyable experience.

Use case focused - from product to accessories

Product Guides identify the exact use case of each customer utilize a concept that fully encompasses and models your best sales experts' knowledge.

If we consider the example of labeling machines, we find a vast variety of use cases - and a typical user has not even thought about them all. The powerful Guided Selling solution focuses on every detail because missing only one detail, such as that the machine needs to print labels for plugs and cables, could render the bought product useless for the customer.

Additional features like cross-selling make use of the collected knowledge so that every label or tapes fits exactly to your customer's use case.

The Product Guide asks questions to determine the exact use case for labeling machines

  • The Product Guide asks questions to determine the exact use case for labeling machines

    More than a product recommendation

    Offer different setups and strategies and show their advantages

    Emphasize the possible savings considering the overall productivity

    • More than a product recommendation

      Offer different setups and strategies and show their advantages

    • Emphasize the possible savings considering the overall productivity

      Total cost of ownership - show that investing in great products saves money

      Convince your customers, that in many cases it makes sense to perhaps invest a little more, but then realize lower operation costs. Product Guides offer custom calculation and configurator functions that show your product's economic strengths and efficiencies. It makes a big difference if the product is praised as cost-efficient or if you can show the savings of different options compared to each other.

      TCO calculation doesn't stop with the tradeoff between one-time and recurring costs. Our Guided Selling tools offer advice between different setups and installations strategies. Take printers, for example - you can use one large printer for the entire department, or many smaller printers spread across the office. With digital advice, you can provide your customers with all options available and show them which saves them the most over time.

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      Engage your customers with a human-like interaction

      Guided Selling Chatbots allow you to offer digital advice and customer support 24/7. Build them with the typical needs of your customers in mind to make the experience extra personal.

      With natural language processing and a voice interface, visitors can naturally interact with your brand or shop in many different chhannels.

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      Web Analytics

      Customer insights on the level of market research

      Monitor your sales' success with powerful tools. While you provide a unique shopping experience, the Product Guide collects valuable usage data.

      Drive the segmentation of your target groups, create extremely precise personas, or improve your product with next level data.

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      Cross-selling recommendations that are truly relevant

      Cross-selling recommendations use the same intelligence as every product recommendation in the Product Guide. They recommend complementary products that are highly relevant to your customers' buying desires. Recommendations can also be strategically adjusted to support your sales and business goals.

      You are bound to increase your sales revenue and margin.

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      Instore solutions

      Digital advice at the point of sale

      The Product Guides' well-defined customer journey supports your sales staff around the clock. It keeps them up to date with changes in the product assortment and helps you to increase sales revenue using cross-selling and upselling features.

      At peak times, when your sales staff is at full capacity, direct access for customers is an optimal way to prevent frustration and provide your customers with product recommendations they are searching for.

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      PDF generator

      Product recommendations that stay with your customer

      Increase your customer loyalty with personalized PDFs which include the ideal product recommendation and the entire reasoning that reminds your customers why this particular product fits their needs the best.

      Use backlinks on the PDF to lead customers back to your website, your shop or directly into the shopping cart. The PDF generator's effectiveness is multiplied by combining it with the Lead Generator which sends the PDF attached to a personalized email to your customers.

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