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Industry & Logistics

Simplify complex purchase decisions for B2B customers

Reduce complexity and help your customers to save time

  • Your products are complex and it is difficult for your customers to make quick and educated buying decisions? Your offering contains many innovative features that need explanation and a vast amount of product variants? Traditional navigations like category navigation or filter search clearly fail since they lack the necessary explanation.

    Providing a product search that puts the user requirements first, instead of complex setting and technical features is quite a challenge.

    Overcome complexity with our AI-based Guided Selling solution that brings your best sales reps knowledge right into your website. Product Guides offer a personalized customer journey that allows you to engage with each customer by asking only relevant questions. Turn a complex search into an enjoyable interactive experience that leads to a buying decision.
  • Guided Selling helps you building personalized experiences by providing digital advice:

    AI-based Product Guides lead your customers to the right product for their needs. At the same time, they increase your conversion and margins with great customer service and upselling.

    Explore our vast experience and many features that make online selling of Industry and Logistic products an enjoyable experience.

Combine configuration and digital advice

Make choosing the right settings and features easy. Our Guided Selling solutions translate tech specs into usage-based language. They provide your customers with configuration options but offer explanations and advice next to it, which significantly reduces choosing the wrong settings or features.

The advisor process finds out your customer's use case in an easy-to-use step by step wizard. The Product Guide's AI learns with each click which features and settings are most important for your users - and thus provides you with valuable data for market research and optimizing your product portfolio.

Explanation Content

Make sure your customers understand Videos explain the difference of the selectable configuration options.

Automated Emails

Automated Emails Offer every customer to send them recommendations and all product details via email

PDF Generator

Provide your customers with PDFs that include all tech specs and backlinks to your website and shopping card

The ideal mix of lead generation and customer service

One Product Guide serves a wide variety of different target groups, no matter whether business manager or operations manager or engineers. The advisor process simply adjusts to the knowledge of the user providing an optimal user experience.

Turn long lists of tech specs to your advantage with our Guided Selling features for lead generation and PDF generation. Product Guides offer your customers the option to receive automated emails that include the product recommendation and a PDF fact sheet about all specs of the product. The email and PDF include backlinks to your website or shopping card, to ensure that your customers find their way back directly into the sales process.

Live examples of Product Guides
for Industry and Logistics

Jungheinrich Forklift Advisor

Schmalz Vacuum Gripping

Heroal Door & Window Systems

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