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Our services for
your sales success

excentos combines the knowledge of an experienced team
with Europe's leading AI-powered Guided Selling technology.
You can choose between building your own Product Guides entirely yourselves,
and only getting some optional support and consulting - or relying on excentos to build
and optimize your Product Guides.


Your best sales rep goes online
We ♥ your products and we use this passion to create powerful and sales-optimized advisor concepts. We focus on your customers' needs and interactively present your product features to ensure that your customers find the right product and make it to the cart.


Our experienced team analyzes your target group and develops a sales strategy that really fits your company's requirements. We determine a recommendation behaviour that your product managers will love - and ensure that every user finds their perfect product.


Sell more, without trouble
We support you when using our tools and backend with online training and regular status reports. For everything else, our technical support team is always happy to help.


From professionals. For professionals
We implement your Guided Selling solutions to ensure that your Product Guide provide great user experience and recommendation quality. Your users will feel the difference - and your shopping cart, too.

Data cleansing

Getting the best out of your data
Regardless of whether your product data is not sufficiently structured or incomplete - our extensive data preparation and processing tools ensure that you still receive a Product Guide which delivers optimized recommendations.

User experience

Simplify complex decisions
Product Guides not only provide your customers with relevant recommendations but also deliver an interactive shopping experience. We provide usability-optimized themes, or create individual designs for your brand.

Online marketing

More traffic and new customers
We support you integrating the Product Guides into the user and product selection journey and drive relevant traffic into your Guides. We help you implementing onsite and SEO traffic generation methods that make sure your Product Guide is found by your target group.


Increase conversion rates
Just like your sales team in-store, Product Guides continuously develop and improve. Our AI-based self-optimization makes sure the recommendations automatically improve, and excentos helps you getting the best conversion out of your Product Guides.

Michael Smolka, Head of Project Implementation

"Thanks to our extensive experience gained in countless projects, we have perfected our service tools to ensure that our Product Guides exceed industry standards."

Comfortable Software-as-a-Service model

excentos operates all Product Guides as a 100% web-based service. Our Product Guides are easily integrated into your website and do not require any additional IT infrastructure.

100% SaaS

Software Service provided by excentos
flexible scaling

0% IT

No IT.
No worries.
No dependencies

excentos services enable you to provide expert sales advice directly on you website. Easy to integrate and immediately ready to increase your sales revenue.

What you get

Trouble-free operation, 24/7
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):
    excentos operates and hosts the Product Guides for your shop/website
  • Top performance:
    excentos-SaaS immediately delivers recommendations to the user
  • Operation and maintenance from a single source:
    excentos operates your Product Guides and updates your product data, prices and availability, so that your Product Guides are always up-to-date
  • Flexible API:
    our high-performance API provides your customer with recommendations and can be connected to your other applications

What you save

Focus on what's important excentos will do the rest
  • No IT required, including hardware or software. All configurations can be easily implemented in the excentos backend.
  • Free updates und upgrades without license fees. You benefit from continous developments in our technology and receive free upgrades and updates. You are not required to pay any additional fees on top of your monthly service fee
  • You do not require any manual updates: Product data updates occur daily and are fully-automated, regardless of whether you have 20 or 100,000 products.