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Inform. Guide. Sell.

excentos Product Guides lead every customer with a few simple questions to the product they desire. Offer your customers a unique shopping experience, inform them about your product and make choosing easy.

With the excentos Workbench you can quickly create Product Guides in only a few steps.

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Read on and learn how to build a Product Guide in 5 simple steps!

Ole Tangermann

Ole Tangermann, CEO and founder of excentos

"No matter whether you run a small Shop or Website, are a large e-Commerce player or a renowned brand - our Workbench aims to make it as easy as possible to build Guided Selling applications."

Create Product Guides with
the Workbench: just 5 simple steps

#1 Define your Concept

Create the questions you would like to ask your customer in the Concept Board.

This tutorial will guide you step by step through creating the stages and progress of your Product Guide.


#2 Upload and Manage your Data

Configure and refine the data feed

Connect your existing shop or PIM data feed to the Workbench. Refine the data to get the most out of your product feed.

Upon request, excentos can provide valuable data management services to make use of the full potential of your data.

#3 Configure your Product Guide

Connect the Product Guide with your data and configure the recommendation behavior

Connect the questions and answer options with your product data. Adjust important settings like the product attributes and the question flow. Edit the recommendation behavior to optimize the user experience and the overall conversion and upselling factor.

#4 Apply the colors and fonts of your website easily

Your colors and style, and you are ready to go!

Adjusting the fonts and colors is a matter of a few seconds. Make the Product Guide yours and integrate it into your website with a single line of script code: with just one click the Product Guide becomes an integral part of your website.

#5 Test and Optimize

See your results instantly

You can immediately start testing and optimizing your Product Guide and Go Live.

Your Product Guide is ready to help your customers and increase sales!

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