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Care and convenience with AI

Create a user-friendly online experience for your customers

  • Pharmaceutical products require a customer-centric advice process and can be technical-natured. It's especially a difficult task to set up a digital advice process for online customers when products are complex. Regulations and compliances if any, need to be digitalized in a user-friendly manner. When it comes to the search process, customers expect quick and transparent solutions.

    Personalization has been a consistent trend for B2B marketing as companies often see a lift in sales after implementation. Product Guides can offer personalized advice and can integrate complex selling processes into the website. They provide explanation content, integrate lead generation functionalities, and can be used to generate detailed product-related PDFs that increase transparency with customers.
  • Product Guides quickly address queries and offer the best solutions for each customer. Businesses can thus address different types of needs from both B2B and B2C customers. A Product Guide can target various customer groups and is able to answer multiple search queries with just a single solution.

    Guided Selling solutions hence come in various forms to serve special functionalities. E.g. While Product Advisors are used to offer online advice and give personalized recommendations to website visitors, they can also be used to advise instore through digital interfaces like tablets. Instore advisors help save valuable time as store customers can receive instant recommendations and quick answers to queries. Similarly, Chatbots that use customer-friendly language are used to give digital advice or to solve quick queries through chat-based dialogues with customers.

Quick searches and faster checkouts

  • Online pharmacies usually have a huge and ever-changing assortment of OTC products. Within a specific category, a huge assortment of products is difficult to browse through and new customers struggle to find what they need. A bigger assortment gets confusing as the more products customers see, the more unsure they get of their purchase intent. It is also difficult to track and manage a huge inventory. Product recommendations solve such dilemmas by reinforcing a customers' reasonings towards a purchase.

    Guided Selling solutions first ask customers questions to understand what they truly need. In this way, Product Guides assist customers to quickly find the products they require by providing accurate product recommendations. They can be set up to advise, compare products, and even feature deals and discounts. AI-driven Product Guides track popular products and other important metrics that provide a better understanding of what customers are looking for.
  • The process of placing orders online brings about certain complications. Take for example something like placing bulk orders for lab testing materials. For a digital representation of a complex process, every criteria needs to be fulfilled as per regulations.

    To make complicated order processes easier, Product Guides use a step-by-step guide for each stage, providing a well-rounded and structured sales tool. Customers respond well to purchase journeys that take into account all their queries and requirements. For both B2B and B2C customers, Product Guides take into account existing knowledge levels and provide recommendations accordingly. They organically seek to understand precise customer queries in order to provide the best recommendations or solutions.

Smart recommendations at every point of sale

  • Brands need to provide a seamless experience across multiple points of sale by optimizing omnichannel capabilities. While online searches and purchases might be popular choices, customers also use other channels to order products as per their convenience and lifestyle. Digital interfaces are powerful tools to assist customers in-store.

    In-store Product Guides provide assist to your ground sales staff and facilitate a self-service option for the customer. Customers get instant product recommendations and can order products to be delivered home. This reduces waiting times and gives the customer a positive brand experience.
  • When product data is complicated it tends to be more difficult to represent online. Technical features are most of the times not translated properly for the benefit of the customer. Product pages hence become cluttered, produce bad user experiences and increase website bounce rates.

    With our AI Data Trainer, product data can be put in custom categories so that customers are able to derive their true value and not get lost in the technicalities. E.g. a supplements Product Guide would give recommendations based on specific health problems, diets and lifestyles, instead of mentioning the nutritional values of the supplements. Product Guides are hence use case-driven insightful and dynamic.

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