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Guided Selling explained

An Overview of Important Guided Selling Terms and Concepts.

Guided Selling

Discover the various facets of Guided Selling, the advantages of Product Guides and learn how to build your own Product Guide in a matter of minutes.

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Product Finder Tools

A Product Finder Tool helps customers make quicker buying decisions by providing accurate product recommendations as per the customers' needs. They optimize the customer journey and help guide them to the shopping cart.

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Product Configurator Tool

Product Configurator Tools allow a customer to customize a product to a desired variation that best suites their needs. They are particularly useful for customizable and complex-natured B2B products.

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Lead generation

Guided Selling is a perfect tool to complement your lead generation strategy as it generates leads directly from your website and organically provides a higher lead quality.

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Product Selector Tool

A Guided Selling tool like the Product Selector gives your customers a more holistic product search experience and displays concise recommedations matching their exact requirements.

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Product Advisor

A Product Advisor helps online customers just like a salesman assists customers in a the store. You can integreate your sales knowledge and expertise to advise customers by answering their queries on the spot.

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Gift finder

Gift finders are great digital tools to increase holiday revenues and target special occasions. Customers are able to find the perfect gift quickly, without the need to spend additonal time and effort. Gift finders can also include special wrapping and delivery services.

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Product quiz

A product quiz is an interactive tool that recommends the best-suited products to customers based on their preferences and tendencies. Quizzes increase customer interest with gamification elements and can recommend smart product recommendations.

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Conversational search

Conversational search uses AI-driven interfaces that work to understand a customer's needs and assist them in their product search process. Conversational agents such as chatbots and voice search assistants are popular forms used for search processes.

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