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Faceted search

An effective search is the basis of every online sales processa human touch

Ensure that every customer
finds the right product

excentos' needs-oriented faceted search leads every customer to their ideal product quickly and without having any prior knowledge of the product range. Don't risk thinking that your customers can find the right product independently.

excentos' faceted search offers
numerous advantages

  • Recommender logic and recommendation behavior. Like the Product Guide, the faceted search includes 'needs-oriented' features to make it more user-friendly.
  • Recommends alternative products. Different from classic filter tools, the excentos faceted search is able to calculate which products suit best, as well as offer alternatives should no product meet all requirements. This avoids empty results lists and abandoned shopping carts.
  • Precise and accurate recommendation behavior through matching logic, ratings and business rules.
  • Convincing reasoning and the configurable display of data attributes per product increase certainty in the results list.
  • Dynamic user interface which provides a top shopping experience. Also includes fully responsive support.
  • Powerful data processing: our data tools optimize your data, even when attributes are unstructured.
  • All behavior, from dynamic data connection to recommendation behavior, can easily be configured in the Workbench.

    An effective search is the basis of every online sales process.

    If customers are disappointed by the search function, 80% leave the website (Jupiter Research),
    and 75% never return (Forrester Research).

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