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Whitepaper: Guided Selling and Product Guides

Digital product advice has been gaining importance for years. In this whitepaper, you will learn how online customers are guided to the right product and thus to a purchasing decision through Guided Selling

Online Product Search

How do online shoppers search for products and make their buying decisions? How can website operators use appropriate methods for product search and recommendation to acquire and engage with potential customers?

This whitepaper describes product search and product advice requirements of consumers that search for products on the internet. It shows how online shops and brand websites can use their product search and product recommendation tools to effectively increase their conversion rate as well as long-term sales.

The added check list emphasizes success factors and helps website operators to enhance their product search and product presentation in such a way that website visitors are actually turned into confident buyers ensuring a better shopping experience. Get updated!

The Whitepaper is available as PDF-Download:

Whitepaper "Guided Selling: How Online Shops and Brand Websites engage with their customers through product recommendations and achieve higher sales"

Chapter overview:

  • Motivation and summary
  • Purchase decisions take place online
  • Expectations of online shoppers
  • What conventional search methods are unable to provide
  • How Guided Selling improves product search and product recommendations
  • Checklist and success factors: optimization of product search and product recommendation
  • Outlook: How Guided Selling changes the future of product search
  • Contact and company details