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Understand your customer's needs by asking them a few simple questions which lead them to their perfect product.

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Product features

Drive innovation and personalize the online shopping experience

Personalized recommendations

Give your customer journey a human touch. Our technology provides advanced personalization for your customer interaction, communication and recommendations.

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Intelligent reasoning

Drive conversion by showing your users that you understood what they asked for. Giving valid reasons and evidence for why a certain product suits the user’s needs builds trust.

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Cross-selling increases your revenue and margin as you recommend customers with related or complimentary products. Recommendations can also be strategically adjusted to ensure that they support your sales targets and business goals.

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Chatbots - Conversational agents

Chatbots allow you to offer digital advice and customer support 24/7. Construct them with the typical needs of your customers in mind to make the experience extra personal. With natural language processing and a voice interface, visitors are able to naturally interact with your brand.

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guide and learn

Save your users time and get more insights

Faceted search

An effective search is the basis of every online sales process.

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Web analytics

Powerful tools to analyze your target groups.

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Text search

Give your customers a tool to search for products in a conventional way.

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AI in our Product Guides analyse every click your customers make.

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Digital advice,
anytime and anywhere

Responsive Product Guide Responsive Product Guide


Across every device and touchpoint

Advise your customers across every device and touchpoint. excentos Product Guides provide your customers with a user-friendly and unified customer experience across all channels - anytime and anywhere.

International Rollout

Take your Product Guide global

Provide product recommendations to your customers across the globe. Easily translate your Product Guide into different languages and adapt your product assortment and question flow to any international market.

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International Rollout International Rollout

Give your customers a personalized experience

Try the Workbench

Use the excentos Workbench to build Product Guides for free.


Different themes

Take a look at the user interfaces we offer in the Workbench.

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Lead management: turn your visitors into customers

Lead generator and personalized emails

Creates qualified leads for your partners and sales department and ensures a controlled and transparent sales process - including mailing and seamless CRM integration.

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PDF generator

Remind your customers of the perfect product. Sending customers a PDF with backlinks to your product pages or shopping cart is an easy way to close the deal.

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  • Channel Solutions

    Integrate your Product Guide into websites of your affiliates.

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  • Instore Solution

    Interactive sales support, in your stores and 24/7.

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  • Product Comparison

    A quick overview for easy product comparison.

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  • Configurator

    Make complex product configuration easy.

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  • Calculator

    Personalized advice backed up by numbers.

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  • Size and Color Advisor

    Finally a reliable way to shop fashion online.

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  • Smart Preselection

    Complicated decisions - simplified by intelligent explanations.

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