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Don't abandon your online customers. Provide seamless advice 24/7 to effectively guide them towards a purchase!

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Discover the benefits of our Guided Selling solutions

  • Experience Conversational Search

    With Guided Selling, you dynamically lead your customers through the product selection process. Our digital advisors operate context-aware and use case-oriented to provide recommendations perfectly tailored to your customers' needs.

  • Rollout to multiple markets

    Our Guided Selling solution can be easily scaled and rolled out to multiple markets. The unique aspect here is that your digital advisor is built once in the excentos Workbench and can be deployed in multiple languages and with market-specific product feeds.

    This saves valuable resources and maintenance effort.

  • Automate concept creation

    Want to launch multiple advisors quickly? No problem! With our AI-based Concept Assistant, you can automate the generation of your advisor concepts.

    Here's how it works: Simply input a few keywords related to your desired industry or product category, and the Concept Assistant takes care of the rest. In just a few seconds, you'll receive a comprehensive advisor concept tailored to the needs of your target audience.

  • Generate Customer Insights

    With excentos Analytics, you measure the performance of your Guided Selling solution and gather valuable insights into your customers' behavior.

    For instance, examine the click paths of your users to analyze selection preferences, or evaluate which products are most frequently purchased by specific user profiles to drive forward your product development.

  • Increase sales with Cross Selling

    Enhance your recommendations with additional useful products and services to fill your shopping carts and thereby maximize your sales.

FAQs about our solutions

How do I integrate the excentos solution into my website?
Our solutions are platform-independent and can be easily integrated. We provide you with a short integration code that can be seamlessly embedded into your CMS or CRM. You don't need any programming skills for this.

We are happy to assist you in integrating your digital advisors.
How do I get my product data into the digital advisor?
Our excentos Workbench is a no-code platform that allows you to easily upload product data as a CSV file.

Don't have formatted product data available yet? No problem, we're happy to handle the preprocessing and preparation of your data.
Can I build my digital advisor myself?
Of course! With the excentos Workbench, we provide an intuitive self-service platform that allows you to stay in control. You can customize your advisor at any time without the need for any programming skills.
I'm looking for a comprehensive solution with full-service. Is that possible?
Absolutely! For clients looking to conserve their own resources, we offer full-service, creating a comprehensive solution from concept to the configuration of advisory paths. Benefit from our extensive experience in implementing digital advisory solutions for national and international companies across various industries.

If desired, we can also customize the design of your digital advisors to match the Corporate Identity of your company.

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Still unsure which solution suits you best? We'd be happy to present our solutions in a brief online demo.