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Conversational agents

Because an average shopping experience was never enough

Customer Support 24/7
Customer support 24/7
Natural Language
Natural language
User Experience
User experience
Great Insights from Users
Great insights from users

excentos' chatbots use the smart technology from Product Guides and transform the user's journey into an even more personalized way to recommend the perfect product.

What are the advantages of building a chatbot with excentos?

  • Customers crave personalized assistance. With our chatbots, not only does your shop upgrade its customer engagement to the next level, but also offers better overall service by providing digital advice across channels — with free-text and voice.
  • Our conversational agents bring also the great advantage of lead generation, qualification and nurturing, as they bring the most out of relevant, personalized communication and presentation of information.
  • With the excentos' Workbench , you can self-sufficiently build your own chatbot. Optimize your dialogue flow to suit the needs of your users and train the chatbot to understand free-text input and voice control.
  • Understand your customers better. By learning from recurrent requests of products, features or services from your users, your shop can use excentos’ recommender logic and a matching engine to personalize the online shopping experience for your customers.
  • Our chatbot technology can be directly integrated into your online shop or brand website. We also support integration with all major messaging platforms and virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger and more.
    Thanks to our flexible APIs, you can also integrate the chatbot with other live chat systems, your CRM or Product Guide.
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