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A self-service tool for your store

Product Guides can be used as an in-store solution in specialist shops. Customers can interact with them via a touchscreen to find a suitable product. This reduces in-store waiting times, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. The digital Product Guide advises your customers just as precisely as a trained specialist or salesperson, and is therefore an ideal addition to your business.

Our Product Guides operate as a SaaS solution on a tablet or any suitable touch device. All that is required for this is a WLAN or a mobile phone connection. They are compatible with all IOS and Android tablets.

Find out more about your customers

The web analytics function provides valuable data that can be used to understand which products or product properties are most frequently searched for or how often the Product Guide is used. You can use the data to measure success and find out which products customers desire the most.

In addition, you can use other functions of the Product Guide and adapt them to the assortment instore. For example, integrate free text search or filter options to provide customers with additional search options. You can also use cross-selling and up-selling to optimize the recommendation behavior of your Product Guide.

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