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Digital advice for your stores

In numerous stores, staff shortages limit the time available for in-depth customer consultations. Support your sales team by introducing digital advice at the point of sale.

Guided Selling in stores

Equip your stores with digital advisors to provide your customers with an interactive shopping experience.

Digital advice at the POS

Enhance customer engagement

Create interactive shopping experiences

Realize Omnichannel

Many customers initiate their product search online but prefer to make purchases in-store. With our solution, you seamlessly connect your online world with the in-store experience, capturing customers at the point of sale (POS).

Moreover, your store's inventory can be accurately represented in the digital advisor in real-time. This allows your customers to instantly see which products are available in-store or can be ordered online.
Seamless experience across all channels.

Unified advisory quality

Establish a high-quality standard by providing perfect recommendations!

Our Guided Selling solution combines your expertise with comprehensive product data, allowing personalized and needs-oriented advice for every customer.
Always the right recommendation.

Supporting sales representatives

Opt for digital advisors to relieve your staff and conserve resources. This allows your sales team to focus productively on their daily operations.
Relieve staff and avoid queues.

Our customer example

Decathlon enables Guided Selling in stores

In Plochingen, Decathlon has installed the first in-store solution from excentos. The bicycle advisor is available as an interactive tool, creating a seamless experience between online shop and store.
Decathlon In-store-Lösung

Bring your product world to life

Guide visitors at trade shows and conferences through your product world by presenting your digital advisor on an interactive display.
Digital Advisors for trade show presentations.

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

We provide you with a brief integration code, allowing you to seamlessly embed your digital advisor across platforms -
No programming skills required.

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