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  • It's a challenging task to keep an eye out for changing trends and find a way to quell customer hesitation regarding online purchases. Customers spend a lot of time to find the right products and can get easily flustered going through the many types of brands and options available to them. So how do you shorten their search process and quickly show them what they want?

    Guided Selling solutions provide a process that aids customer decision-making which subsequently leads them to an assured buying decision. The customer experiences generated by this process in turn gives vital information regarding actual customer needs and preferences.
  • Guided Selling lets you create a systematic question-answer flow to understand what the customer is looking for. The customer simply answers and gets the best-suited recommendations, they don't have to spend time searching through catalogues of products.

    With a Product Guide, you get valuable data pertaining to your products. E.g. You can easily know which t-shirts are popular amongst men between the ages of 25 to 35, or the types of coats that have sold better in a particular season.
    Combine your personal expertise and develop an intuitive-driven purchase process and not just an automated one.

The problem of size

  • Customers struggle with finding the right size online. Not only does it depend on the style of a product but also because different brands and manufacturers have different fits. Size unsurety contributes to purchase hesitation and indecision. Another problem that occurs is that many customers infact order two sizes and end up returning one, this also increases overall product returns.

    Product Guides help to clarify such size problems by asking intuitive questions to zero down on the perfect size and fit. As they are AI-driven, they can take also take into account the differences between brands and advise customers according to those specifications. As a result, you are able to reduce the number of returns.
  • Make better use of your product data to directly match specific needs of customers. By combining your personal experience and our AI Data Trainer, you can create custom characteristics or attributes for your products. E.g. You can label a line of coats according to the style or look that best matches with them.

    Product Guides also enable you to manage and organize your inventory. They are capable of handling huge inventories along with a fast growing assortment of products.

Ease of use

Sliders and button elements facilitate quick and defined selections.

Breakdown of size

Both questions, the confection size and the body height, serve as basis to determine the final size.

Calculation behind the scenes

The different elements of size produce an adjusted size in seconds.

  • Ease of use

    Sliders and button elements facilitate quick and defined selections.

  • Breakdown of size

    Both questions, the confection size and the body height, serve as basis to determine the final size.

  • Calculation behind the scenes

    The different elements of size produce an adjusted size in seconds.

    excentos workbench earth theme

    Special for fashion and lifestyle

    • Fashion and lifestyle brands depend on visual representation for their products. Customer perception can be altered in seconds if products are not presented properly.

      Our special themes - Sunrise and Earth have been created with a focus on images and visuals, thus making them perfect for fashion and lifestyle-based Product Guides.
    • Customers are always on the lookout for unique products that make thoughtful or special gifts, and gift finders are useful to target such specific audiences. These customer needs are of a different nature. Hence, luxury and lifestyle brands often use gift finders during certain seasons, holidays and for special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

      Gift finders serve a different purpose than Product Guides but work with on the same priniciples. They ask questions to understand the nature and likes of the person for whom the gift is intended for and recommend suitable products accordingly.

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    Engage your customers with a human-like interaction

    Guided Selling Chatbots allow you to offer digital advice and customer support 24/7. Build them with the typical needs of your customers in mind to make the experience extra personal.

    With natural language processing and a voice interface, visitors can naturally interact with your brand or shop in many different chhannels.

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    Web Analytics

    Customer insights on the level of market research

    Monitor your sales' success with powerful tools. While you provide a unique shopping experience, the Product Guide collects valuable usage data.

    Drive the segmentation of your target groups, create extremely precise personas, or improve your product with next level data.

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    Cross-selling recommendations that are truly relevant

    Cross-selling recommendations use the same intelligence as every product recommendation in the Product Guide. They recommend complementary products that are highly relevant to your customers' buying desires. Recommendations can also be strategically adjusted to support your sales and business goals.

    You are bound to increase your sales revenue and margin.

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    Instore solutions

    Digital advice at the point of sale

    The Product Guides' well-defined customer journey supports your sales staff around the clock. It keeps them up to date with changes in the product assortment and helps you to increase sales revenue using cross-selling and upselling features.

    At peak times, when your sales staff is at full capacity, direct access for customers is an optimal way to prevent frustration and provide your customers with product recommendations they are searching for.

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    AI Data Training

    Make your product data work better

    With the AI Data Trainer, use your insights and make your product data more intuitive for online selling. Assign qualities, characteristics and any attribute to match real customer needs.

    Once you label a few products with your chosen attribute, the AI learns and automatically labels the rest of the products. You save time and create a truly personalized path to purchase.

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