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Digital sales assistant

Support your sales personnel with digital assistance

Digital assistance to support sales advice

The digital sales assistant offers optimal support for sales people in the store as well as field employess. The sales staff can access the assistant via a touch device. Tablets that can be held comfortably in the hand are often used for this purpose. The tool guides the sales pitch by asking relevant questions, providing explanations about the products and giving the best product recommendations.

Your sales personnel can hence use a digital sales assistant to give the right advice and recommend products that exactly fit customers' needs.

Look at the entire product assortment

  • With the digital sales assistant, your employees have the entire product range on hand at all times. The tool helps to keep an overview when the product range is extensive, product features are complex and even when new products are constantly being added. This means that even rookie employees can give your customers the best possible advice and precise product recommendations.

    In addition, the sales assistant takes into account stock levels in the respective branch for product recommendations. If a specific product is not available, the tool suggests suitable alternatives. For example, the product might be available in a different color. An employee can also check whether the desired product is available in another branch or online, and if required, can have it delivered directly to the customer's home.
  • The digital sales assistant knows the entire product range as the recommendation behavior takes into account new products. Human sellers, on the other hand, tend to recommend products that they are familliar with and know more about. The assistant can also be used to promote the sale of new products.

    A standard of quality is set in the advisory process because the tool guides all employees through the sales process regardless of their experience or evel of knowledge. The flow of questions is dynamic as the Product Guide provides different advisory paths based on the answers of the customers. Customer-oriented advice not only leads to better customer satisfaction, but also ensures higher long term conversions and reduced returns.

Measure your succcess with analytics

The tool offers an analytics functionality with which important data can be measured and evaluated. For example, you can track how many sales calls are made each day, what time of day most calls take place, and how often each employee uses the sales assistant.

In addition, you can evaluate which products are bought most frequently. You may also notice that important products are still missing from the range because there are no suitable recommendations for certain customer inquiries.

pro optik - Case Study

With more than 1000 employees, pro optik is one of the leading optician groups in Germany. pro optik uses the digital sales assistant from excentos to give its sales personnel the best possible advice.

The sales assistant advises and guides the customer to the right product. It therefore recommends eyeglasses that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

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