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excentos Case Studies


KEBA | digital Product Guide for wallboxes

  • the Wallbox Finder provides advice and guides customers through the consulting process
  • recommendations that match specific use cases
  • call to actions lead customers to retailers

Vaude | intelligent Product Guides for all Outdoor Fans

  • smart advisor process that covers all relevant buying topics
  • seamless integration into the VAUDE webseite and VAUDE corporate design
  • additional brand content showcase the VAUDE unique selling prepositions
  • direct product comparison allows great overview and educated buying decisions

Douglas | Personalized expert advice and individual Gift recommendations

  • Quick response time of the Matching and Recommendation Engine despite a product range of 35,000 products. Shared computing capacity, load balancing and single page apps guarantee high performance
  • Information about age, personality type and ocassion are considered. The recommendation behavior was developed in close cooperation with sales experts

Brother | excentos provides the entire Product Search and navigation for Brother

  • Quickfinder a quick search - for customers that know their desired product's requirements
  • Product Guides that advises customers step by step and leads them to the right product
  • Both solutions are based on the same data and recommendation behavior
  • A direct link to Brother's product database with automated data import

MyToys | Geschenkefinder führt durch das Sortiment und erlernt das optimale Empfehlungsverhalten

  • kategorie-übergreifender myToys Geschenkefinde unterstützt jeden Käufer - mit und ohne Vorwissen
  • steuerbares Empfehlungsverhalten: die Recommendation-Logik wird auf Conversion und Kundenzufriedenheit optimiert - und zwar zentral und unabhängig von konkreten Produkten

Jungheinrich | digital specialist advice for every customer request

  • easy-to-use consulting process that clearly picks up many relevant requirements
  • a dynamic flow of questions in order to be able to respond well to special requirements
  • clear product comparison

Verivox | Personalized Advice for your ideal holidays

  • is searching for the perfect location for your vacation exactly fitting your needs - no matter if family holidays, sport vacation or party weekend
  • handles the complex data structure of millions of datasets
  • emotional design and userfriendly interface
Pro Optik

Pro Optik | Digital Instore Advisor

  • Interactive sales pitch e.g. distance vision eyeglasses versus PC workplace glasses
  • Illustrations for better feature marketing
  • Quality-assured recommendation behavior tested by leading opticians