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Jungheinrich Stamplerberater
Jungheinrich, founded in 1953, is one of the world's leading solution providers for intralogistics. With an extensive portfolio of material handling equipment, logistics systems and services, Jungheinrich offers its customers tailor-made solutions to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. The Group, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is represented by its own direct sales companies in 40 countries worldwide and by partner companies in over 80 other countries.

With its industrial trucks, Jungheinrich serves almost exclusively B2B business customers. Due to the wide variety of applications and the large number of possible forklift solutions, there is a high need for advice. Of course, this cannot (yet) be fully covered by a "Guided Selling" system. However, Jungheinrich also wants to emphasize its competence as a leading manufacturer in online consultancy.

This is why Jungheinrich relies on excentos' consulting technology for an initial selection of the right vehicle for each individual application.

The task

A suitable vehicle recommendation for every application

  • recommend suitable vehicles for every user regardless of previous knowledge
  • certification of Jungheinrich's consulting competence also in the online sector
  • take many specifications into account (e.g. place of use, the weight to be moved, soil conditions)
  • make complex calculations very simple: e.g. load capacity diagram as a function of lifting height using a simple slider
  • map changes in the assortment, availability and prices dynamically
  • Integration in the sales process of Jungheinrich rental vehicles

Our solution

Digital specialist advice for every customer requirement

  • easy-to-use consulting process that clearly covers many relevant requirements
  • clear product comparison
  • a dynamic question flow that is able to respond well to special requirements
  • step-by-step advice with detailed explanations
  • direct connection to the Jungheinrich product database with automated import
  • After querying all information, the user profile for a rental contract can be passed on to the Jungheinrich processes
  • Can be flexibly expanded for other markets and sales channels thanks to modular Guided Selling technology

Discover the Forklift Guide

download our detailed Jungheinrich Case Study as PDF

The result: the optimal advice that finds the right vehicle for every application

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