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VAUDE Zeltberater
Douglas is Europe's largest beauty products retailer with more than 35,000 products. The product range includes perfumes, cosmetics, care products and accessoires. Douglas is, since 1973, expanding internationally and is today present in 19 European countries. In 2014/2015 Douglas made a revenue of 2.6 billion euro. The business is based, besides the online shop, on 1,200 stores spread throughout Europe.

Douglas relies since 2012 on the excentos Gift Finder for their entire product range.

The task

Find gifts online - for everybody and every occasion

  • Recommend perfectly matching gifts out of 35,000 products - with high performance
  • Individual gift recommendations for every age and personality type
  • Increase conversion and upselling and improve the margin
  • Dynamically adapted gift recommendations according to season (Christmas, Easter, special products for Valentine's day etc.)
  • A permanent changing product range, prices and availability are fully automatically displayed
  • The recommendations are spread across all product categories and implement Douglas business strategy

Our solution

Personalized expert advice and individual gift recommendation

  • Quick response time of the Matching and Recommendation Engine despite a product range of 35,000 products. Shared computing capacity, load balancing and single page apps guarantee high performance
  • Information about age, personality type and ocassion are considered. The recommendation behavior was developed in close cooperation with sales experts
  • The recommendation list is balancend across categories: Products of 4 main categories are selected according to marketing and business stategy
  • The questionflow adapts automatically to the season and special seasonal offers (for Christmas, Valentine's Days or Easter) are prefered in the recommendation list. This way we can ensure the perfect recommendation behavior for the top selling products.

Disover the Douglas Gift Finder

    • Provides recommendations for all sitations: from gifts for colleagues to very personal gifts on Valentine's Day
    • Convenient wizard with a user friendly phase navigation and emotional design
    • Cross category browsing - all products are displayed according to the user's shopping needs and desires
    • Additional secondary filter options depending on the prefered product category: e.g. for hair products the customer can select different hair types or for the category perfumes the customers can select different perfume types
    Douglas Guided Selling Gift finder

    Personalized recommendations
    Need-orientated faceted search
    Individual reasoning
    Top usability and optimised widgets

    • Guided Selling solutions for all essential countries and languages in Europe

    • Every country has its own product range, prices and a separate data feed

    • The recommendation behavior and questionflow are adapted automatically
    Douglas Gift finder

    Personalized recommendations
    Need-orientated faceted search
    Individual reasoning
    Top usability and optimised widgets

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