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Pro Optik Glass Guide
pro optik was founded by Rainer Hildebbrandt and Peter Hoppert in 1987. Today, with over 140 specialist shops and over 1,000 employees, pro optik is one of the three largest optician groups in Germany.

With a large range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids, pro optik offers customers the perfect product for every need. pro optik is renowned for its top quality, low prices, expert advice and excellent service.

They use our Guided Selling solutions to extend their expert advice and services online.

The task

Recommend the right pair of eyeglasses to every customer, around the clock

  • Recommend the best eyeglasses to every customer regardless of their previous knowledge or the sales channel
  • Integrate sales expertise and a specialist advisory process to the online channel
  • Take different needs into account
  • Support on-ground sales staff and communicate marketing and business strategies directly
  • Dynamically reflect changes in the product assortment, availability and prices

Unsere Lösung

Digital expert advice that solves customer-specific requirements

  • An easy-to-use consultation process that clearly records all relevant requirements and issues an optimal recommendation
  • Detailed advice on all relevant features, including conflict resolution if the features are not compatible
  • A dynamic flow of questions to respond well to special requirements
  • A Product Guide that can be used as an in-store solution and communicates changes to the product range, marketing strategy and business rules directly to on-ground sales staff.

Discover the Eyeglass Guide

Download the Pro Optik Case Study PDF