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MyToys Gift Finder
myToys is a leading German product retailer of children’s toys and accessories, operating from their headquarters in Berlin. An online retailer and subsidiary of the Otto-Group, myToys is also a multi-channel retailer with 14 branches dispersed across Germany.

With sales revenue of around 300 million euros and stockists of numerous brands such as mirapodo and Ambellis, myToys is one of the twelve largest online shops in Germany. Their extremely large product assortment makes it difficult for customers who don’t regularly buy children’s products. They require some advice and help when navigating through the website. This is where Guided Selling tools assist in solving this problem by allowing online shoppers to easily find the right products within such a big product assortment like at myToys.

The task

A huge product assortment which requires better navigation and assists user to identify which products are best for which age group.

  • Provide support to users when choosing a product, especially with those buying gifts. Regardless of how well the user knows the child, the Gift Finder can provide useful tips and inspiration which assists them when selecting the perfect product.
  • Provide cross-category browsing and advice
  • Provide relevant recommendations which suit the recipient of the gift perfectly
  • Handle large product assortments and provide recommendations for approx. 65,000 articles, taking into account the nightly processing of over 150,000 products
  • Be able to work with inconsistent or incomplete data

Our solution

A gift finder which leads users through the product assortment to an optimal product recommendation

  • Cross-category myToys Gift Finder which supports every kind of shopper during the decision-buying process
  • Controllable recommendation behavior: recommendation logic which is optimized to convert and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Self-optimizing recommendations: recommendation behavior automatically optimizes in accordance with user behavior and feedback
  • Responsive user interface available on all devices

Discover the Gift Finder

    • myToys Gift Finder asks every user step-by-step to specify the gender, age and preferences of the child they would like to buy a gift for.
    • Every user is able to find suitable products, regardless of how much knowledge they have about children’s toys.
    • Up-to-date gift recommendations and fully-automated data updates, despite huge product assortment containing over 150,000 products.
    • Seamless integration into myToys website and their e-commerce systems

    Personalized recommendations
    High conversion and top usability
    Self-optimizing recommendations
    Good usability thanks to optimized widgets
    • The excentos recommender learns from usage data to optimize future recommendations
    • numerous use-cases can be incorporated into the optimization of future recommendation behavior, for example: user profile and user input, visited product detail pages, large screen views, purchase history
    • Buying trends are taken into account over old data
    • Full control: self-optimization is powered by your sales and marketing experts with valuable consumer insights and then combined with the recommendation behavior gained from previous user behavior.
    • Advantageous in cases of missing or incomplete product data, as well as for promoting popular products which are on-trend.

    Personalized recommendations
    High conversion
    Self-optimizing recommendations
    Good usability und responsive UI

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