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Verivox Reiseberater
Verivox is a company which provides advice and transparent information for a varied range of products and services. With extensive information on electricity, gas tariffs, telecommunications, insurance, cars and real estate, Verivox is one the fastest growing price comparison websites in Germany and Switzerland. has been voted “Website of the Year” on numerous occasions. They are committed to providing independent and transparent information and have been working to protect consumers since 1998.

Thanks to European mass media company ProSiebenSat.1, Verivox has been able to reach a wide audience. Informing customers of relevant recommendations has led them to save over a million euros for around eight million customers.

New Standards for Travel Consultancy

Verivox teamed up with excentos to develop the first advisor tool on the market which is able to calculate personalized recommendations and advice for people wanting to go on holiday. A transformed way to book your perfect holiday - free of fiddly filters, annoying forms and irrelevant results.

The task

No more fiddly filters and inappropriate offers

  • Find every traveler appropriate recommendations which fit their personality, includes: destination, climate, hotel and activities.
  • Large assortment which is easy to navigate
  • Only offer recommendations which have high customer satisfactionn
  • Handle a complex database — a familiar issue within the travel industry
  • Scalable SaaS model which is able to cope with high volumes of website traffic

Our solution

Personalized advice for all kinds of holiday-goers

  • Be able to find the perfect holiday destination, regardless of whether it's for a family holiday, active getaway or party weekend.
  • Complex data-handling for over millions of data records
  • Integration of user reviews and best value for money to ensure top relevance
  • Lead-Generator with individual user PDFs und emails which give a comprised overview of a user's perfect travel itinerary
  • Performing load-balanced cloud-hosting concept
  • Enticing design and an easy-to-use user interface

Discover the Veriox Travel Guide

    • The Travel Advisor asks the user step-by-step for their ideal kind of holiday, travel period, ideal location, activities and hotel facilities.
    • regardless of whether the user knows exactly what they are looking for or simply wants to be inspired, the travel advisor always finds the perfect recommendations.
    • even more complex requests can be accounted for, for example: Spa break in March, less than a three hour flight, but somewhere with warm waters.
    • Advanced advice functions: e.g. for family holidays, countries which cater to children will be prioritized.
    Reiseberater Reieziel

    Personalized recommendations
    High conversion and top usability
    Self-optimizing recommendations
    Good usability thanks to optimized widgets
    • Every traveler can choose their region whether it be quiet or lively, the Travel Advisor will recommend suitable offers
    • Detailed information about the region and amenities are taken into consideration, e.g. sandy beaches
    • If a user requires more, they can simply use the free-text search box and numerous other search attributes, such as volcanic areas and vineyards etc
    Reiseberater Region

    Personalized recommendations
    High conversion and top usability
    Self-optimizing recommendations
    Good usability thanks to optimized widgets

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