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Inspire customers with unique gift ideas

You offer a diverse product range? Then our Gift Finder is the perfect addition for your online shop.

Guide to purchase with Product Discovery

Enable your customers to explore your products and discover great gifts.

Our Gift Finder delights with personalized gift ideas for every occasion.

Boost holiday business

Enhance brand marketing

Simplify purchase decisions

The perfect gift for every occasion

The Gift Finder asks for whom and for what occasion the gift is intended to generate a perfect recommendation.

Occasions can include seasonal celebrations like Christmas or personal events such as birthdays and weddings. Your customers no longer need to search extensively to get a great idea.
Lead customers to a buying decision.

Optimized recommendations

The recommendation behavior of our Gift Finder trains itself by learning which products are most frequently purchased by specific user profiles.

This optimization process enhances recommendations for various user profiles.
Machine Learning for perfect recommendations

Strengthen customer relationships

Merchandise is a great way to identify with your favorite brand. Provide customers with a special experience by integrating the Gift Finder into your fan shop.
Gain brand visibility

Our customer example

Douglas Gift Finder

The excentos Gift Finder effectively leads customers to their purchasing decisions by making the Douglas product world come to life, offering impressive and delightful gift ideas.

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

We provide you with a brief integration code, allowing you to seamlessly embed your digital advisor across platforms -
No programming skills required.

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