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Some of the benefits of our software

Add to your online-shop a digital assistant that asks the right questions and recommends the right products.


Increased conversion


Higher session duration


Increased shopping cart value

(6 months case study with segmentation of the entire shop traffic into visitors that used or never used the Product Guide)

This is how it works

#1 Concept

Create the structure of your Product Guide

Add your questions and answer options. You can also upload images and information to help your customer answering.

#2 Configuration

Configure the recommendation behavior

After uploading your data, connect it to the Product Guide. Define the question flow and the recommendation behavior.

#3 Integration

Publish your Product Guide and add it to your website

integrating the Product Guide into your website is simple with our one line integration and you are ready to go!

Use our tool to create your Product Guide

Give your online shoppers the benefit of a digital assistant

Some companies already
using our technology

  • Since the introduction of the excentos Product Guides, our return rate decreased by 8%. With only one Product Guide we were able to reduce costs by more than 200,000 € each year."

    - SportScheck

  • The excentos Gift Finder leads customers three times more often to a buying decision than customers who do not use the Product Guide."

    - myToys

  • excentos achieved 5 times higher conversion rates than any other search tool on our website. excentos Product Guides significantly increased our conversion and findability and improved customer loyalty and our product presentation."

    - Toshiba

Try our example Camera Guide:

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