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Product Selector – simply explained

Unlike in a store, customers are left to navigate online product searches independently. Large assortments and complex products quickly become challenging without guidance.

Product Selectors solve this problem by identifying customer needs and providing appropriate recommendations based on predefined selection criteria.

What is a Product Selector?

A Product Selector is a Guided Selling tool that guides customers through the selection process with easy-to-understand questions, thereby facilitating purchasing decisions.

How it works

The tool dynamically poses questions to discern the customer's preferences and needs. Subsequently, the selected response options are matched with product data to curate suitable products, delivering a tailored product recommendation aligned with the customer's requirements.


  • Simplifies product search: Customers quickly find exactly what they need.
  • Facilitates purchasing decisions: The selector not only provides recommendations but also explains why they are optimal for the use case.
  • Boosts customer engagement: Customers are invited to interact with the solution and experience digital guidance.
  • Prevents mispurchases: The recommendation logic ensures that selection criteria are met, thereby generating perfect recommendations.

Selector vs Configurator

Many of our customers wonder what the exact difference is between a Product Selector and a Product Configurator. In fact, both tools have quite different functionalities, which we will briefly explain below.

Product Selector explained:

Similar to the salesperson in a store, digital Selectors guide customers through the assortment in an advisory manner. Customers answer several questions one after another to describe their use case. Subsequently, they receive a suitable recommendation, which contributes to a faster purchasing decision.

Product Selector for forklifts
The Jungheinrich Forklift Advisor asks application-oriented questions to guide B2B customers specifically to the right machine.

Produkt Configurator explained:

Configurators are used to customize variant-rich products individually or to plan complex solutions. Predefined rules ensure that customers are offered sensible configuration options to gradually achieve the perfect configuration.

Faucet Configurator
With the 3D configurator from Villeroy & Boch, customers can personalize their bathroom furnishings and view them from various perspectives.

What problems do Product Selector Tools solve?

"I offer a large product range"

Extensive product offerings complicate the search for the right product. A longer search process can lead to customers losing interest in purchasing and seeking alternative providers. A product selector significantly simplifies the product search and ensures that customers are quickly guided to a purchasing decision.
"My products are complex"

Product selectors are ideally suited to communicate complex products in an easily understandable manner. Use case-oriented questions are used to translate technical product features into the language of your customers.
"The assortment is regularly updated"

Dynamic assortments, seasonal product trends, or daily adjustments can be easily reflected.
"My target audiences are very diverse"

Selectors act according to needs. This means that personal criteria such as size, gender, interests, and skills are also taken into account to generate perfect recommendations.

Step-by-step to your Product Selector

With our solution, you simplify the product search and guide your customers directly to purchase.

Benefits of the excentos solution

  • Matching-Engine: Our solution selects relevant recommendations that perfectly match the requirements of your customers, thereby increasing purchase readiness.
  • Individual Reasoning: Customers receive a pro-con list that illustrates why the recommended product is optimal for their needs.
  • Optimized Recommendations: Through machine learning, the system evaluates which recommended products are most frequently purchased and trains itself to generate even better recommendations.
  • Customer Insights: With excentos Analytics, you receive a detailed picture of your customers' purchasing behavior, allowing you to react more quickly to trends and insights.
  • Omnichannel: Product selector software can be implemented across various digital channels, such as app or website integration, or in the form of an in-store solution in stores.

Bicycle Advisor for various devices

If you have any remaining questions or need a selector for your website, we're here to help! Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.