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Language translation

Make your business global

Auto-translate your Product Guide

The automatic language translator helps you to translate your Product Guide in to another language. You are able to translate the whole Product Guide in a short amount of time, as it systematically takes you through all your questions, answers and other elements. Our Product Guides can be translated in 75 languages.

Integrate custom translations

The Workbench additonally lets you customize languages so that you can edit them to fit language preferences. With the import-export function, you can localize your Product Guide, add a distinct tone and maintain your brand voice throughout different markets.

How it works

Quick and easy translations

#1 Select your language

In the languages tab, you can systematically select every stage and question that needs to be translated. Once your stage or question is selected, add the language that you’d like to configure for your Product Guide.

#2 Auto-translate text

For each stage, the content might differ but all you have to do is follow the order and use the auto-translate feature. Once a stage is selected, click on the translate button to auto-translate all the text in that particular section

#3 Preview your configured language

Once the entire Product Guide is translated, you can review the new language. Simply click on the preview tab and select the language you want to preview. The window will then display the Product Guide in the newly configured language.

Our translated demo guides





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