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Boost your sales success

Is your B2B sales team fully equipped for the digital landscape? Often, it falls short. Yet, digital sales strategies are gaining significance. Seize this opportunity and convert your website users into qualified leads!

Generate more inbound leads with Guided Selling

Provide interactive guidance on your website to generate high-quality leads and deliver relevant customer information to your sales team.

Support your sales team

Pre-qualify leads

Integrate advisor into your CRM

Enhance advisory quality

Jungheinrich employs our solution to generate high-quality B2B leads, thereby maximizing sales success.

From user to qualified lead

Our digital advisors seamlessly transfer the product recommendation and user profile directly to your sales team or distribution partners.

Raise conversion rate

Increase sales efficiency

Maximize revenue

Pre-qualified leads that convert!

Intent-based proposal

The consulting process actively involves the customer, enabling them to articulate their requirements. This grants your sales team a swift insight into the solution that captures the customer's interest, facilitating an optimal alignment of the approach with the customer's specific use case.

The deeper your understanding of your customers' needs, the more tailored and personalized your communications can be.

Personalized emails for more customer engagement

Send the recommendations via email to stay in touch with your customers and effectively guide them back to your website.
Enhance engagement with PDF recommendations.

Our customer examples

Both B2B and B2C companies rely on our solution to guide customers to purchase decisions with relevant product recommendations.
Jungheinrich Guide

Forklift Guide


TruMark Advisor


Wallbox Finder

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

We provide you with a brief integration code, allowing you to seamlessly embed your digital advisor across platforms -
No programming skills required.

Get in touch

Still uncertain about the best solution for you? We'd be happy to showcase our solutions in a brief online demo.

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