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Choose how your questions appear

The widget configuration feature shows you a number of question representations. There are so many types of question structures you can apply. For example — sliders, radio buttons, dropdowns, search boxes, checkboxes, etc.

These are important to a user's experience and also towards the flow of your Product Guide. You have the freedom and flexibility to quickly choose a suitable format to get the exact look you need.

How it works

Choose the best widget for your questions

#1 Select your theme

Choose a theme you'd like to use for your Product Guide. Each theme comes with its own set of widgets.

This Workbench feature makes it even easier as it only recommends configurations that are suitable for your chosen question and type of data.

excentos themes

workbench widgets

#2 Select a question to configure

Click and choose the question you want to configure. Each question is represented as a dropdown under the stage where it has been integrated.

In this example, 'How tall is your child?' is the selected question, which falls under the first stage name — Person. This allows you to systematically configure each question as per your need.

#3 Choose the best widget

The Workbench displays a default widget but also automatically recommends the best-suited widget types for that particular question, as well as other possiblities.

In this example, a slider is the selected widget, however a dropdown could also be a suitable fit.

workbench widgets

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