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Lead to the right product with Guided Selling

Online, customers often find themselves on their own when choosing the right product. Technical product features and extensive assortments become a challenge due to the lack of guidance. Solve this issue by incorporating digital product advice onto your website!

Perfect recommendations

Our digital Product Selector approaches customers use-case-specific and converts them to a purchase by providing individual product recommendations!
Maximize Sales Success with Guided Selling:
Increase conversions

Reduce returns

Pre-qualify leads

Strengthen customer loyalty

Addressing customer needs

The Product Selector translates technical product features into customer-friendly language by asking simple and clear questions.

This enables customers to describe their use case and specify product requirements.
Identify your customers' needs.

Individual Reasoning

The recommendations are calculated individually for each user, presented in a pro-con list, explaining why the product aligns perfectly with their specific user profile.

If there is no perfect recommendation, the Product Selector evaluates alternatives and showcases the most suitable recommendation to avoid empty result lists. This ensures that your customers always receive a personalized product recommendation, along with individual reasons detailing why the product suits their needs.
Guided Selling for informed purchase decisions.

Bundle recommendations

Our bundle logic allows recommending complete product sets tailored to individual use cases.

For STIHL, we implemented a Product Finder with bundle logic, curating suitable sets of chainsaw chains and guide bars. This provides customers with a comprehensive solution.
Increase shopping cart values with product bundles.
Stihl Ketten- und Schienenberater
The Chains and Bars Guide finds suitable spare parts for every STIHL chainsaw.

Our customer examples

B2B and B2C companies rely on our Guided Selling solution to guide customers through the product selection process, optimizing the customer journey.

Kitchen Finder

Stihl Guide

Chains and Bars Guide


Adhesive Selector

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

We provide you with a brief integration code, allowing you to seamlessly embed your digital advisor across platforms -
No programming skills required.

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