The new excentos Product Finder

Satisfied Customers, lower costs

Integrate professional advice on your website with the excentos Product Finder and guide your customers to the right product. This saves time, effectively leads your customers to the desired product and thus increases customer satisfaction.

By avoiding wrong purchases, reduce your returns, get fuller shopping carts and happy customers.

Benefit from the advantages of our Product Finders

Our excentos Product Finders can be used for different product categories.

What do our Product Finders do?

The excentos Product Finder understands customers' needs and addresses their requirements with matching product recommendations. You can use the input mask to easily make adjustments.

Interested in our solution? Then give our Camera Guide a try. Have fun!
Decathlon Germany uses the excentos Product Finder.

„With the Workbench, we could easily build our Product Finders ourselves“

- Marius Rösch, Decathlon Germany

The excentos Workbench

With the Workbench, we offer you an intuitive self-service tool to build your Product Finder.

Get started now and easily design your first Product Finder with our technology.

3 benefits of our Product Finder

  • Your customers find a suitable product right away and understand why it is the best match for their needs.
  • Establish a higher quality of advice on your website or online shop that is similar to that of a specialist salesperson.
  • This allows you to create unique shopping experiences that set you apart from your competition.

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