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Configurator for complex solutions

Do you offer products in various variants or distribute complex systems and solutions? If so, a product configurator is the ideal tool for enhancing your website. Provide your customers with an interactive experience that truly captivates!

Configuration made easy

Streamline configuration and ordering processes to guide your customers in selecting the ideal solution.

Provide dynamic advice that tailors the perfect ensemble for each use case.

Designing complex solutions

Interactive product experience

Use case-specific recommendations

Easily assemble product ensembles

CRM integration

Dometic Solar-Konfigurator

System configuration

With our solution, you make complex systems manageable. The configurator dynamically calculates which components align with the selected customer requirements, generating a relevant ensemble recommendation.

Dometic's Solar Configurator

Dometic's Solar Configurator recommends suitable solar systems for mobile use. It calculates, based on specific application scenarios, which product set best fits the customer's use case.

For example, the configurator asks how many solar panels can be installed on the vehicle, how long the customer wants to stay off the grid, and which devices need to be powered. Subsequently, the customer receives a tailored recommendation that perfectly aligns with their needs.
Simplify complex systems!

Our customer examples

Companies rely on our product configurator software to make the planning of sophisticated facilities and systems as straightforward as possible.

Vehicle Interior Configurator

dometic product guide

Cooler Configurator

KOS Klima  Klimaanlagenberater

Air Conditioning Configurator

Tailoring products individually

Visualize individual products or entire systems in real-time, allowing your customers to better envision their desired product.

With our 3D Configurator, bring your products to life and empower your customers to customize their desired product according to their own preferences.
Make your products customizable.
Villeroy & Boch presents an interactive 3D tool – the Faucet Configurator – empowering customers to tailor their bathroom faucet to their unique preferences.

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

We provide you with a brief integration code, allowing you to seamlessly embed your digital advisor across platforms -
No programming skills required.

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