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Following the product search, every customer lands on your Product Detail Page. With a well placed and effective search or Guided Selling tool, you will already have increased the chance that your customers end up on relevant Product Detail Pages. However, despite the fact that your customer may be well informed about the chosen product and is already close to making a buying decision, customers will still have numerous questions and expectations playing on their mind.

If we weight it up, everything boils down to one final question: Is this the right product for me? At that point, an effective Product Detail Page provides the information that the customer is craving and convinces the customer to make the buying decision. So, how do you create an effective and inspiring Product Detail Page?

Essentials of an Effective Product Detail Page

1. Detailed Product Descriptions

Give your customers the information they need and more! Besides all minor, complicated technical product information, customers search for detailed product descriptions. Well-written product descriptions are extremely persuasive and use buzzwords to promote the pros of the product. They show use cases of the product that promote the advantages and differentiate the product from competitors' products. Overall, detailed product descriptions give many convincing arguments to buy the product and at the same time they are SEO-friendly and pull search engine traffic directly onto the Product Detail Page.

Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description

This example of Best Made Company shows a carefully written and very descriptive text. It nicely promotes use cases and the advantages as well as gets the reader excited about the product.

2. High-Quality Images

First impressions are everything. High-quality pictures are absolutely vital to display your product in a positive light. The more pictures available, the easier it is for the customer to relate to the product and imagine it in their everyday life. An additional hover zoom function provides a close look at every little detail which the customer really appreciates. The displayed image selection depends on the product itself und brand image can vary from mood images to simple product display to images showing the product in use.

Product Images

Nasty Gal does not fail to impress. They use a great selection of images and show not only one but directly two large images which fit perfectly with the brand's image.

3. Clear Navigation and Call-to-Action

The navigation should support the customer's movements on your websites. Needless to say that we want the customer to move from the Product Detail Page to another. If your Product Detail Page does not have a direct product comparison function, users can compare them via the Product Detail Pages. An explicit call-to-action is essential and serves exactly one purpose: to get your customers quickly to the checkout if they made the decision to buy. It should be instantly visible and appear in a color that attracts the customer's attention. However, if the customer wants to go back to the previous overview, it should be supported as well. Breadcrumbs provide an easy way of navigating your website and prevent any unnecessary drop offs.

Navigation and all to action

Casando uses breadcrumbs to enable a quick navigation between product overview, while a clear call-to-action button leads the user to the checkout.

4. Display Variations

If you display product variations directly on your Product Detail Page, you will keep customers there instead of leading them back to the categories or overviews. The variations should also show the proper price and product information which may have changed, for example: available colors, sizes, stock levels and packaging sizes.

Navigation and all to action

Deuters offers a nice example how to display color variations. All relevant product information change according to the variation.


An effective Product Detail Page needs some essentials, in order to be successful. Persuasive product descriptions, inspiring high-quality images, a simple and powerful checkout navigation and a proper display of variations. However, other features that we find regularly on Product Detail Pages can also increase conversion or decrease drop off rates. Read part two to learn more about cross-selling, user reviews, videos and stock information.


In the second part of Product Detail Pages: Turn Visitors into Customers, we focus on user reviews, videos, cross-selling and stock information. While some of these features have established themselves as an integral part of Product Detail Pages, for example, user reviews, others are used less regularly yet have still shown significant potential in increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

1. User and Customer Reviews

It's simple, customers trust other customers. Products that have been positively reviewed by a considerable amount of users are more likely to be bought. Other factors, next to the number of reviews, have an influence on the perceived trustworthiness. Specific and detailed user profiles should be promoted because more detailed user profiles display authenticity. For example, the review provided by a user who has a visible profile with a decent number of reviews or even a social media profile is more trustworthy than Mr. X without any profile information. Other factors include the length and quality of reviews. Detailed reviews show an understanding of the product and explain the criteria of evaluation which can be helpful to convince potential customers focused on this criteria.

Amazon Customer Review


The online shopping platform Amazon successfully encourages customers to provide detailed reviews which then leads to lively discussions amongst participating customers. The evaluation of customer reviews by other customers and users help to filter low quality or fake products.

2. Videos

In Product Detail Pages, embedded videos are a valuable tool in display convincing advantages about your proudct and increasing your conversion. They demonstrate the product's usefulness in everyday situations and give easy-to-understand information. More complex products, which need an introduction, profit the most from how-to use explanatory videos. Additionally, videos can suggest alternative uses as well as tips and tricks.

Product Videos Source:

Nest the home automation producer of thermostats embeds videos which successfully explain their products, the use and the concept.

3. Cross Selling

Another way to increase the shopping cart value of your potential customers is cross-selling options within the Product Detail Page. There are different types of cross-selling. The easiest way to initiate cross-selling is to offer complementary products that are essential. In other words, offer product B as an addition to product A in order for product A to fully function, e.g. a toy which requires batteries. Another option is to offer products that are similar to the chosen product. This is a great option for upselling by showing other similar products with different prices. Shop your style provides customers with a list of products that fit the style of their original chosen one. For example, the customer searches for jeans and the cross-selling option shows them a matching jacket.

Ikea Cross Selling Source:

Ikea demonstrates a great example of complementary cross-selling. The world's largest furniture retailer offers its customers looking at this lamp Melodi a fitting light bulb to go with it.

4. Stock Information and Delivery Options

It is certainly possible to display stock information simply by writing: available or not. Showing slowly depleting stock can have a positive effect and cause a surge in orders as soon as a certain stock level is reached. Stock level information can also simplify the delivery process and customer's access to the product.

Best buy Stock information Source:

The online shop of the consumer electronics retailer Bestbuy combines stock information with product delivery. Customers have the option to choose delivery or pick up in store according to availability of the products.


The above-considered components are not represented in every shop or website's Product Detail Page but they are becoming increasingly essential and popular. Videos provide additional information about the most complex products in a simple and easy-to-understand way. High-quality customer reviews convince customers of quality and advantages of displayed products. While cross-selling allows you to increase shopping cart values, the proper display of stock information can cause a surge in sales and improve your logistics, especially when combined with delivery options. Overall, we find that not every Product Detail Page needs all of the components we have reviewed in part one and two of our analysis. Every component has the potential to increase sales and customer experience if applied appropriately to the products at hand and the customer's needs. Therefore, it always remains necessary to shape your Product Detail Page according to your product and your target group.