How it works for your customers

A few simple questions which lead your customer to their perfect product.

Try our example Bike Advisor:

  • We saw significantly higher growth rates for all products integrated in the advisor compared to the overall product range. The excentos staff were always there to support us for any questions and helped us to get the most out of the platform.

    - Ortlieb

  • Customers who use the excentos Gift Finder are 3 times more likely to make a buying decision than those who do not.

    - myToys

  • Digital consulting with excentos is now an essential part of our marketing, and we are very satisfied with the results.

    - Vaude

How it works for you

Create a Product Guide in 3 simple steps and watch your sales grow

1. Data

Prepare your data feed,
any standard export works

2. Conceptualize

Create a concept that incorporates
your expert sales knowledge

3. Integrate

Copy and paste just one
line of code into your website

It's simple

Upload your product data

Use your already existing data to build the Product Guide. The standard data feed of your shop or CMS system is all you need.

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With our AI Data Trainer, learn how to use product data in a smarter and insight-driven way for online selling.

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Build Your Online Sales Rep


Create an advisor concept which sells your products and offers your customers a unique and personalized shopping experience.

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Copy One Line of Code


Copy the JavaScript code into your CMS or shop system. The Product Guide is integrated as a single-page application and you can start using it straight away.

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Want to know more?

Read our documentation on how to integrate Product Guides into your website or shop .