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How to create the perfect Product Guide

Online shopping is changing and as the pace of life gets quicker, customers want to find their perfect product and check out within minutes. Forward-thinking companies are starting to introduce Guided Selling techniques such as Product Guides to try keep up with online consumer buying trends, improve the online shopping experience and help consumers make the right choice. Here's why Guided Selling is revolutionising online shopping and how your business can create a Product Guide successfully and increase revenue.

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How Lead Generation Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Retaining a loyal customer base in e-commerce can be tough business. The easy access to internet and technology means every competitor is just one click away and potentially offering a lower price. When considering the costs for e-commerce businesses, for example, costs for AdWords and Facebook ads, it can't be denied how important customer loyalty is. Guided Selling methods offer several features to improve your customer loyalty.

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Product Detail Pages: Turn Visitors into Customers - Part 2

In the second part of Product Detail Pages: Turn Visitors into Customers, we focus on user reviews, videos, cross-selling and stock information. While some of these features have established themselves as an integral part of Product Detail Pages, for example, user reviews, others are used less regularly yet have still shown significant potential in increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

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How Smart Preselections Improve the Advisor Process

In many product categories, providing good sales advice means making sure the customer selects the right type of product and makes the correct buying decision before entering into a detailed search within sub-categories. (for example, "what's better for browsing and emailing: a notebook or a tablet?") Smart preselections are a great way to do this.

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How AI Algorithms Help to Learn Recommendation Behavior

Providing great recommendations and product advice is no longer restricted to static knowledge models - instead, excentos combines guidance with artificial intelligence and learning algorithms. This creates the perfect mix of sales strategy into your Product Guide while adapting it to what your customers actually enjoy buying.

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How Components Help Create Great UX and Speed Up the Process

The most crucial point in the development of Product Guides and Product Search functions is ensuring a great User Experience - not just for increased conversion rates but also as one of the main ingredients for a great website where users can enjoy shopping. At excentos, we have concentrated our efforts in research and development for quite some time. During this time, we discovered a way to significantly reduce development time and costs. The excentos solution: a Components and Pattern Library which guarantees excellent User Experience.

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3 Excellent Examples of Product Guides

Advanced Guided Selling methods are changing the world of online shopping. excentos has gathered some of their favorite and most inspiring Guided Selling examples to share with you. Here are our top 3 based on usability, design, performance and result accuracy. (English and German)

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Product Detail Pages: Turn Visitors into Customers - Part 1

Following the product search, every customer lands on your Product Detail Page. With a well placed and effective search or Guided Selling tool, you will already have increased the chance that your customers end up on relevant Product Detail Pages. However, despite the fact that your customer may be well informed about the chosen product and is already close to making a buying decision, customers will still have numerous questions and expectations playing on their mind.

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Which Guided Selling method is best for my online shop?

We can all identify with some of the struggles presented to us by online shopping. Unable to locate the product we want, too many search pages to trawl through, not sure whether to take the risk and buy without seeing it in the flesh. Think back to when you first did an online food shop for example. Did you get confused and a bit frustrated about the large product assortment presented to you? It's not so easy to browse through online as it is to walk through the store, right? The worst is, you can't even grab the nearest sales assistant to quickly guide you to the correct aisle.

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How to Determine the Right Duration of Advisory Processes

During the conceptualization stage of building a Product Guide, we are often asked what the ideal duration for the questionnaire should be? How many questions and answer options are appropriate? How many seconds or minutes should the user remain in the Product Guide? And what are the implications for conversion or drop-off rates?

The answer isn't so clear-cut: it really does depend, so read on to see how the length of the selection process influences user experience and conversion rates.

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