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    Advise every customer with a 360° B2B sales advisor

    "The excentos Product Advisor makes our customers aware that not all forklifts are the same. We have the right product for every application."

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    Connect your Ecommerce to brick-and-mortar stores

    “Not every tent can be built in every shop and not every sales rep. knows every product. Digital advice is ideal for providing good explanation of a product and visuals which complement the store’s product range.”

    Stihl Guide

    With more than 90 years of innovative products, Stihl is the world’s leading chainsaw brand. Their Product Guide helps customers find the best cutting set of chains and bars for their needs.


    Globetrotter is an expert in the field of travel and outdoor equipment. The Backpack Guide gives personalized recommendations based on individual dimensions and requirements.

    Nestle HealthScience Guide

    Nestle Health Sciences brings advances to the world of nutrition through research and innovation. They use Guided Selling to give each online visitor the right advice on nutritional supplements.

    Jungheinrich Guide

    Using our Guided Selling technology, Jungheinrich gives personalized B2B advice. Their Forklift Guide solves queries for beginners as well as experienced customers.

    Douglas Guide

    Douglas has a digital-first vision for beauty and lifestyle. They use our gift finder to provide recommendations for customers who struggle to find a good gift.

    Brother Guide

    Brother uses our Product Advisor to advise both B2B and B2C customers. For every use case, Brother's Printer Advisor gives customers printer recommendations tailored for their needs.

    Vaude Guide

    A favorite among nature enthusiasts, Vaude is a sustainable outdoor and clothing brand that has a broad range of eco-centric products. Their Tent Guide gives the best advice for beginners.

    Decathlon Guide

    Emphasizing digital technologies, Decathlon Germany uses our AI-driven solutions to digitally guide Ecommerce customers through multiple products and categories.

    KOS Klima  Klimaanlagenberater

    Using the latest technologies, KOS Klima provides customized air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. The KOS Klima Product Configurator is a great tool to estimate air conditioning needs.

    Ortlieb Bike Bag Guide

    Ortlieb has over 500+ individual products and is a market leader in bikepacking equipment. They successfully reduced the number of offline queries by integrating our Product Guide.

    Rossmann Foundation Guide

    Rossmann offers beauty, health, and OTC products in offline and online stores across Europe. The Foundation Guide allows customers to quickly find the right type of foundation for their skin type.

    ABUS Fahrradschlossberater

    With innovation at the core, ABUS has a wide product range encompassing various types of private security technologies. The Bike Lock Guide enables them to advise both new and recurring digital customers.

    Hubtex Forklift Guide

    Market leader HUBTEX manufactures custom-built trucks, side loaders and other specialized equipment. HUBTEX uses technology and innovation to design for multi-functionality.

    The honest kitchen petfood guide

    With a vision of healthier pet food, the Honest Kitchen creates tasty and nutritious recipes for pets. Made with high-quality ingredients, their recipes ensure that health and taste go hand in hand.

    one stop pro guide

    OneStop Pro offers software to digitalize and simplify construction-related processes. Its software combines multiple functionalities into one solution addressing the management, deployment and evaluation of resources.

    Bio Rad Guide

    Bio-Rad is a leading life science research and clinical diagnostics brand in the U.S.A. Their serology branch uses Guided Selling to provide a step-by-step process for B2B customers. Sneaker Guide

    Dedicated to the art of running, wanted to provide a buying guide for website visitors and use the Running Shoe Guide to provide personalized advice.

    Site One Agronomics Guide

    With a wide range of products and over 500 stores, SiteOne is unmatched in landscape supplies. With years of experience, their industry expertise goes far and wide.

    K&K Marderabwehr Guide

    K & K specializes in ultrasound devices and injury-free defenses against damage caused to engines by Martens. Our Product Guide helps them advise customers about options available for individual situations.

    myToys Stroller Guide

    MyToys is an award-winning brand for maternity and child-related products. The Stroller Advisor offers detailed advice for distinct target audience needs.

    Heroal Guide

    heroal is a specialist brand that produces door, window, and facade aluminum systems. The heroal Product Finder primarily recommends aluminum building systems to Architects and private users. Tire Guide is a specialist retailer brand dealing in tires and wheels. Their Tire Finder recommends the perfect set of tires and connects customers to store availability and delivery options.

    Schmalz Guide

    Schmalz is a leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling with a global presence. Their Product Advisor advises B2B customers regarding their robotic vacuum technology used for industrial automation.

    prooptik product guide

    As one of the biggest optician groups, Pro Optik has over 140 specialist shops across Germany. It sells top-quality eyewear, contact lenses, and hearing aids, while its stores are renowned for their excellent service.

    dometic product guide

    Dometic exclusively offers products for outdoor, home and professional use. Their Product Guide provides product recommendations for a variety of use cases.

    Mera Petfood Guide

    The independent family-owned business is passionate about their high–quality pet food products. The Mera Pet Food Guide combines their industry knowledge with our AI-driven technology. bike guide is an online marketplace for bicycles and e-bikes. The website provides customers with resources to make an informed purchase decision and connect customers to local specialist dealers.

    Meder Beauty Skin Quiz

    Launched in 2009, Meder Beauty now has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. Their Skin Quiz recommends the best course of treatment to online customers looking for product advice.

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