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AI Data Trainer

Get smarter with your product data

Add your expertise to online selling

Product data can be a hinderance instead of a boon as it is often misrepresented online or is difficult to understand. Our AI Data Trainer is a new technology which can be used to assign certain insight-based attributes for your product data. Use your expertise to assign qualities, characteristics or any other kind of attribute to existing product data.

How it works

Use your existing product data and insights with the AI Data Trainer

#1 Create the desired attribute

Based on your knowledge and product insights, you can create new attributes for existing product data. In this example, various style attributes have been created for the different kinds of coats.

#2 Label a few products

The great thing about this feature is that you don’t need to spend too much time on it. Once you label and distinguish a few products, the AI automatically takes care of the rest of the products.

#3 Sit back and let AI work its magic!

By combining your product knowledge and customer insights, you can create a Product Guide that accurately addresses your customer’s needs. Our Artificial Intelligence is truly magical as it analyses all their needs and provides them with precise product recommendations.

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