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Integrate your Product Guides
swiftly and seamlessly into your system

One line of Code

The Product Guides integrate as a Single Page App with only one line of JavaScript code into your shop or CMS system. You don't need any additional IT infrastructure.

Make a quicktest

See how easily and quickly our example Camera Guide can be integrated into your website with out QuickTest.


Example Bikeadvisor

 1 |  <script
 2 |       src=”//
 3 |  </script>

The integration code injects the excentos JavaScript client into your integration page. The excentos Product Guide is then responsible for the entire user interaction of learning the user’s needs until presenting product recommendations. Every product recommendation links into your shop or CMS (e.g. into the product detail pages)

Preset Parameters to jumpstart your advisor session

You can deeply integrate the Product Guides into your website’s customer journey. Simply preset parameters of the Product Guide to make it even more personal. This way you can connect content of your website with personalized recommendations. For example, the following code sets the parameters bikeType=racing und gender=female.

 1 |  <script
 2 |       src=”//$bikeType=racing&$gender=female”>
 3 |  </script>

In addition to this, it is possible to set parameters to define a specific entry point for the customer journey. Combine this functionality with the parameter preset mentioned above and you can even lead customers directly to the result list so that they do not have to answer any questions.

 1 |  <script
 2 |       src=”//”>
 3 |  </script>

Shop system and CMS integration

Can we use a Product Guide with our shop or CMS system?

Yes, the excentos Product Guide can integrate into any shop or CMS system. You only need an empty integration page and copy-paste one line of JavaScript.

excentos already integrated with all most commonly used shop systems like Magento, Shopify, IBM Websphere, Intershop, Shopware, Plentymarkets, Oxid, Hybris, Demandware and many more. Besides providing an empty integration page, you do not need to make any changes to your shop system.

Our Product Guides easily integrate into basically every CMS system. Some examples of CMS systems we already worked with: Typo3, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, FirstSpirit, Ghost, Silverstripe, Wix Magnolia. You only need to create one integration page to integrate your Product Guide.

What happens to the Product Guide if we want to use a different shop or CMS system?

The Product Guide is connected via the data feed and the Integration page. So you simply have to create a new integration page and copy paste the one line of code in the new CMS or shop system.

Do we need an Iframe? Do we need plugins?

No. excentos technology doesn't require iFrames or plugins and works in any relevant browser. Hence the content is better indexed by search engines (SEO) and the integration into your website is absolutely seamless. However, if you prefer using an iFrame, we of course also support iFrames.

Read our detailed site integration documentation