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Welcome to excentos Documentation Space


excentos provides valuable documentation on various topics to help you get the most out of your Guided Selling Solution.
The excentos documentation space covers the following topics:

General Documentation

  • User Interface Portfolio

    Pre-packed user interfaces and widgets for quickly and effectively building new Product Guides. The UI Portfolio shows the entire range from web and mobile to responsive user interfaces and how you can use them to build your preferred product search / advisor application

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    Web Analytics

    Introduction to the excentos Web Analytics tool. How to monitor your data effectively and how to get the most out of your usage of data

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    User Profiles

    How to collect user profiles based on the Product Guide's answer options, and how to make most out of this valuable data for curated shopping / personalization services

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    excentos Backend

    How to use the excentos Backend to maintain the Product Guide, edit content and images and internationalize your Product Guide's content

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    Technical Documentation

    Product Data Feed Requirements

    How to provide your Product Data to excentos and what we require the feed to contain

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    Service and Stage Environments

    How to use the excentos service and stage Environments to effectively test and operate different versions of your Product Guides

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    Site Integration & Quick Test

    How to integrate Product Guides into your website, shop, e-Commerce or CMS with one simple line of script code. Make a Quick Test to see if it works.

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    E-Commerce Tracking

    How to track successful orders with excentos Web Analytics

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    How to pre-load the excentos Client for an even faster loading performance

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    Theming Framework

    CSS and HTML implementation / customization for theming the Product Guide's user interfaces

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    Marketing, SEO, Content and Images

    Marketing and SEO Concepts

    Creating Landing Pages and Integration Pages: How to drive traffic into the Product Guides, what Landing Pages, links and banner show great conversion and how to maximize SEO effects and increase your search engine

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    Helpful Product Guide Content

    How to copywrite content for the Product Guides (e.g. explanation texts, questions and answer options)

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    Product Guide Images

    How to choose meaningful mood images and explanation images for your Product Guide

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    Please note that there is restricted access to some parts of this documentation space for excentos' customers, partners and prospects only. Please contact us if you require access to any documentation or if you are missing a documentation topic.

    There is a lot more documentation on our backends, our tools and web-services in the seperate excentos Customer Documentation Space. The Customer Documentation Space is limited to our customers and partners. Please contact us to get access.