The new excentos Product Selector for your webshop

The right solution to create individual shopping experiences

The excentos Product Selector finds the right product in just a few clicks. This enables a fast and easy customer journey. Offer your customers more than a simple filter search.

Increase effectiveness and close rates by integrating a product selector into your webshop.
Our sunrise theme for your webshop.

Our results speak for themselves:

The excentos Camera Guide contains many features.

What does our Product Selector do?

Unlike an ordinary filter search, our selector allows you to filter products beyond default product features.

The excentos Product Selector uses a powerful recommender engine that utilizes the full potential of your product data.

Offer your customers selection criteria with which they can find the right product in a targeted manner.

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Our excentos Workbench:

Create your Product Selector in just a few steps with our Workbench.
  1. Create a concept
  2. Easily upload your product data
  3. Configure your Product Selector
  4. Customize your brand design
  5. And you're ready to go live

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