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What is a Product Selector?

A Product Selector is an online advisor tool which collects user preferences and recommends products based on the needs of the user. It uses the principles of Guided Selling to recommend products that are tailored to the needs of the user. Product Selectors can also combine and use functionalities such as product configuration and cross-selling. As they are need-based in nature, they are able to provide recommendations to different product search complexities.

How do Product Selectors work?


They ask simple questions to find out the exact nature of the customers' need


Using Guided Selling technology, they analyse all need-based answers given by the customer


Product Selectors then display recommedations that match user needs

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What problems does the excentos Product Selector solve?

"I have a broad product range"

If a website has a broad product range, visitors will spend more time to search for a product. A longer search process might make them lose interest to purchase as they will want to look for an alternative website. To remedy this, a Product Selector quickly allows a visitor to search and find what they are looking for, enabling them to make a faster purchase decision.
"I sell complex-natured products"

Product Selectors can be used to elaborate on the technical and difficult features of products that fall in this category. Hence, Guided Selling tools like Product Selectors are a good fit for B2B websites.
"My product assortment changes often"

Product Selectors are well-equipped to not only handle a broad assortment of products, but also one that keeps changing. This in turn helps to react timely to seasonal trends and assists to maintain proper order for your inventory.
"I have very different target groups"

As Product Selectors take into account a users' individual needs, they can target different kinds of groups. They can take into account different characteristics such as height, weight, gender, interests, skills, etc. thereby enabling you to further segment your target groups.
"I want to know more about my customers' purchase behavior"

excentos analytics gives you a more detailed understanding of customer segments and how your products are performing with each of them. This allows you to get more out of your product data and you are able to react quicker to trends and insights.

excentos' Guided Selling software has even more advantages:

Guided Selling

Our Guided Selling technology only displays products that are relevant for the user. By using a matching engine, it personalizes recommendations and thereby increases the visitor's wilingness to purchase it.


Product Selectors provide valid and intelligent reasoning for every recommended product, this establishes transparency and brand trust.


Machine learning uses consumer and purchase data to react better to trends in real-time. Thereby, it also continually improves the quality of recommendations .

Customer insights

excentos Analytics give you a detailed picture of customer purchase habits allowing you to react quicker to trends and insights.

Multi-channel integration

Our Product Selectors make the most of both worlds as they can be used on mobiles, desktops and as digital solutions in your stores.

What our customers can tell you...

  • Since the introduction of excentos Product Guides, our return rate decreased by 8%. With just one Product Guide we were able to reduce costs by more than 200,000 € each year."

    - SportScheck

  • "Customers who use the excentos Gift Finder are three times more likely to make a buying decision than those who do not."

    - myToys

  • excentos achieved conversion rates five times higher than any other search tool on our website. excentos Product Guides significantly improved our findability, customer loyalty and product presentation."

    - Toshiba

How can I create a Product Selector?

With the excentos Workbench, you can build your very own Product Selector in a matter of minutes.

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