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One theme for every purpose
This theme is designed to adapt to a broad range of industries and is especially suited to small and medium sized businesses and retailers of common goods (bikes, electronic devices, accessories etc).

It's easy to integrate into your website or online shop and is flexible in catering to both small Product Guides and those with over 10 stages.

Experience it yourself

Test the possibilities of the River theme with the bike advisor we created


  • Suggested number of stages*:
    • 1-8 stages
    • More than 20 stages are not intended in the design
  • Suggested number of questions per stage*:
    • Initially 3 questions
    • Further should be faded in and out by visibility rules
  • Recommendation contains:
    • Filter
    • Sort-by
    • Product attributes and descriptions
    • Product-Detail-Page button
    • Reasoning texts
    • Cross-Selling
    • Lead-Generator
  • Image-Content:
    Explanation images
    • min. 500px width / height variable
    • At best all images should have the same dimensions, so that the box doesn't jump when switching
    • Suggested Sizes: 500x300 or 500x400 px (also e.g. 1000x600 or 1000x800 px for better resolution)
    • suggested file size: max. 150 kB
    Decoration images
    • Dimensions: 336x224px
    • suggested file size: max. 100 kB
    Stage decoration images(advisor background images)
    • min. width of 1250px / height variable
    • suggested file size: max. 400 kB
  • Explanation texts:
    • max. Characters: 500
    • Text formatting is possible, e.g. <h1>Heading</h1>
  • *depending on concept


  • Default select

  • Tiles

  • Dropdown

  • Compact select

  • Slider

  • Range slider

  • List

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How the content is displayed in the guide

Stage name

Each stage can contain one to several questions. You can think about this as the "topic" of the questions displayed.


The expanation content can be accessed by clicking here

Explanation image

You can add one for stages, questions and answer options.

Explanation text

Maximise the potential of your Product Guide by helping your users to answer. Here is where the explanation text is displayed.

Take a look at how customer used the theme to created their own product guide