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06 June, 2022
Melissa Hartmann
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What is Guided Selling?

06 June, 2022
Melissa Hartmann
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More and more B2B and B2C companies are using Guided Selling to provide their customers with the best possible advice online. But what exactly does Guided Selling mean and how does it work?
Guided selling is an interactive process in which customers are guided through the product selection process and led to a purchase decision.


The term is used in Ecommerce to denote 'selling by guidance.'

Guided Buying would perhaps be a more appropriate term here as customers who want to buy something online are guided through their purchase. In German-speaking countries, however, the term 'Guided Selling' has become established.

In addition, there are other terms that are used synonymously with Guided Selling, these include: digital buying advice, online product advice and curated shopping.

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How does Guided Selling work?

Guided Selling is based on AI-based assistance systems called digital Product Advisor, Product Finder or Product Selector. Customers who arrive at your website interact with the Product Advisor. It presents questions to determine the customer's needs and recommends suitable products. But what makes it so special?

"Customers are guided to purchase quickly and confidently with Guided Selling."

Picture the following example:

A potential customer is planning a multi-day hiking holiday and needs a tent. It's his first camping trip and he has no camping experience. In an outdoor specialist shop, the customer is given detailed advice by a salesperson and is shown some tents that are ideally suited for the planned excursion. The salesperson recommends a tent for the mountain tour that is light in weight and can also withstand rough weather conditions with ease. The customer does not have to look far and can be sure that the tent meets their requirements.

If, on the other hand, the customer is looking for a tent online, he will usually not be advised and is on his own during the product selection process. He has to make a purchase decision based on the product features and descriptive texts.
And this is exactly where Guided Selling comes into play: the digital Product Advisor gives just as professional advice online as the specialist salesperson does in the shop. As a result, the customer quickly finds the perfect tent and avoids making a bad purchase.

"The digital Product Advisor advises your customers just as professionally as a salesperson in a specialist shop."

Guided Selling understands customer needs

The digital product advisor asks specific questions to find out what the customer is looking for.

For example, the vaude tent advisor asks , how many people will sleep in the tent, what weather conditions are to be expected in the region and on what kind of ground it should be set up on.

The customer answers the questions and receives product recommendations tailored to his needs.

In addition, the Product Finder offers explanations of the products and product features so that the customer can make a well-founded purchase decision. This is important for products that are complex and need explanation.

Would you like to find out how Guided Selling works in detail? Then take a look at our Whitepaper: Guided Selling.

Intelligent reasoning

A special feature of the Product Finder are the intelligent reasons (Intelligent Reasoning). The Product Finder not only shows product recommendations, but also provides individual reasons as to how far the suggested products match the customer's requirements.
The customer is presented with convincing purchase arguments to make a safe purchase decision.

Intelligent reasoning help your customers to make an informed purchase decision.

"The product recommendations are optimally adapted to the needs of the customer."

What advantages does a Product Finder offer?

Increase conversions and minimize returns:
A Product Finder guides your customers quickly and securely through the purchasing process. At the same time, through targeted advice, bad purchases can be avoided and the number of returns minimized.

Increase customer satisfaction:
With professional product advice, you ensure that your customers find a suitable product and are satisfied with their shopping experience.

Cross-selling for even more sales:
You can also integrate Cross-selling into your Product Finder to ensure even more sales. For example, offering a robust sleeping bag and other camping equipment to match the tent.

24x7 digital advice:
With Guided Selling, you can provide your customers with digital advice at any time. Even on weekends and public holidays, a Product Finder is there to help your customers in their product selection.

Valuable consumer insights:
With excentos Analytics you win valuable insights into the preferences and requirements of your customers. You can observe trends, define your target group more precisely and understand their needs.

"Ensure customer satisfaction with Guided Selling and increase your conversions."
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