Jeans Advisor

Reduce returns by recommending the best-fitting denims

A quick search to help customers find a great fit

The Jeans Advisor will only ask all necessary questions related to size and fit. This ensures that customers don’t spend valuable time measuring or wondering whether a pair of jeans will perfectly fit or not. However, a measurement guide could also be integrated to accommodate for in-between sizes or fits.

The Jeans Advisor will ask precise questions to understand the precise nature and dimensions of a customer's physique and then gives optimum jeans recommendations according to the user's input.

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Emphasize important product features for customers

Jeans come in different styles or cuts, hence making it a bit complicated to find a great pair. A certain cut or fit might be more suitable for a certain body type, not to mention the colours and fades. The Jeans Advisor brings all of these different elements to one place, making it easier for the customer to shop online.

As such, Jeans Advisor software can additionally display practical information such as wash instructions, material sourcing, returns, etc.

Optimize the path to purchase to get quicker decisions

Smart preselections

If a certain body type is selected by the customer, you can set up certain preselections to quickly give smarter recommendations. This would be particularly useful when providing different brand options as the size and fit would differ from brand to brand.

Our Jeans Advisor solution can easily be converted into a jeans configurator or customizer, an advisor that provides a customer with the whole look and not just denims. E.g. it would recommend the trendiest shirts, blouses, belts, shoes, etc. that match the selected denims. These are often sold as look kits by popular brands and retailers.

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Guided Selling advantages

Personalized recommendations

AI-driven technology uses recommender logic and a matching engine to give personalized recommendations based on user needs and preferences. Our Guided Selling technology provides advanced personalization for online shopping experiences.
This also ensures that customers are only shown relevant products which in turn increases their willingness to buy, resulting in an increased conversion rate.

Intelligent reasoning

Gift finders use intelligent reasoning to provide evidence and rationale for the products chosen to be displayed as a recommendation. E.g. Our bike advisor displays all the bike specifications which match the answers to questions such as height, gender, usage of bike, safety features, etc. This not only builds a customer's trust but also drastically reduces the chances of them returning a product.

Enhanced machine learning

Machine learning unlocks the full potential of usage and purchase data, creates new sales knowledge and reacts to buying trends in real time. Due to this, it constantly enhances the recommendations provided to customers

Improve your
marketing & sales

To improve Ecommerce strategies, it is crucial to regularly identify action points and better them. Consumer data allows you to define your ideal buyers, establish a fluid sales funnel, react timely to trends and insights, etc.

Multi-channel integration
for wide reach

The excentos gift finder can be integrated across devices and touchpoints, notably desktop, mobile and in-store. It can be rolled out and introduced to new markets where it automatically adapts to local data feeds and can be customized to fit the target market better.

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