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Laptop Finder

An all-in-one Laptop Finder solution for your customers

Declutter the laptop search process for customers

The search for laptops and notebooks is long and confusing. From product reviews to product comparisons, it's difficult to differentiate fact from fiction making it tough for customers to find a suitable device for their individual needs.

Long product detail pages waste valuable time while product comparisons represent technical data and nothing functional or useful for your customers. Hence, a Laptop Finder solution quickens this process by exchanging technicalities with user-friendly language and processes.

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A Laptop Finder is an interactive search tool

While knowledge about laptops and notebooks is completely searchable, many customers find it difficult to differentiate between features and models. This gets trickier because they are more concerned about whether individual needs are met, rather than the actual technical aspects. The big question remains, "Does this model fit all my needs?"

With a Laptop Finder solution or a Laptop Recommender, you can create a single app where your customers can get all the relevant information to help them narrow down on the perfect laptop.

A Laptop Finder speaks your customer’s language

AI Data Trainer & Cross-Selling

With our AI Data Trainer, you can translate technical features into customer-friendly language. This strips away the uneccessary complication. Customers are able to make an assured decision because the Laptop Finder tool gives product recommendations with concise reasoning texts.

Furthermore, you can create an optimum Ecommerce sales funnel using a Laptop Finder solution, and can integrate further services such as financing options, model comparisons, PDF generation, upselling, etc.

  • We saw significantly higher growth rates for all products integrated in the advisor compared to the overall product range. The excentos staff were always there to support us for any questions and helped us to get the most out of the platform.

    - Ortlieb

  • Customers who use the excentos Gift Finder are 3 times more likely to make a buying decision than those who do not.

    - myToys

  • Digital consulting with excentos is now an essential part of our marketing, and we are very satisfied with the results.

    - Vaude

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Guided Selling advantages

Personalized recommendations

AI-driven technology uses recommender logic and a matching engine to give personalized recommendations based on user needs and preferences. Our Guided Selling technology provides advanced personalization for online shopping experiences.
This also ensures that customers are only shown relevant products which in turn increases their willingness to buy, resulting in an increased conversion rate.

Intelligent reasoning

Gift finders use intelligent reasoning to provide evidence and rationale for the products chosen to be displayed as a recommendation. E.g. Our bike advisor displays all the bike specifications which match the answers to questions such as height, gender, usage of bike, safety features, etc. This not only builds a customer's trust but also drastically reduces the chances of them returning a product.

Enhanced machine learning

Machine learning unlocks the full potential of usage and purchase data, creates new sales knowledge and reacts to buying trends in real time. Due to this, it constantly enhances the recommendations provided to customers

Improve your
marketing & sales

To improve Ecommerce strategies, it is crucial to regularly identify action points and better them. Consumer data allows you to define your ideal buyers, establish a fluid sales funnel, react timely to trends and insights, etc.

Multi-channel integration
for wide reach

The excentos gift finder can be integrated across devices and touchpoints, notably desktop, mobile and in-store. It can be rolled out and introduced to new markets where it automatically adapts to local data feeds and can be customized to fit the target market better.

Create a Guided Selling solution for your website

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