Online Product Guide

An Online Product Guide is a software-based Guided Selling system that is integrated in a website in order to help prospect clients to make a buying decision. Product Guides focus on customers' needs to give them high-quality product searches and relevant product information, thus actively leading them to the buying decision. Product Guides are also called "Product Advisor" or "Product finder".

The Product Guide analyzes the needs and wishes of the customers and searches for products that are most suitable according to their needs. An essential element of the product guidance process is the translation of technical product information into user-friendly and understandable terminology, which is used by the excentos Reasoning Engine to explain the advantages of any product.

The goal of the online Product Guide is to help customers to determine the requirements that the desired product has to meet and to provided matching recommendations. Customers find the right products according to their needs and Online Shops, retailers and producers can promote their products and increase their conversion rate.

An online Product Guide is not an Avatar because it is not responding to free text. It is also not a configurator, which allows the configuration of a possible basis product.

The recommendation behavior of a Product Guide is based on a knowledge model. This knowledge model is used to analyse the suitability of every product and to create a result list according to purchase probability. Products with a high probability are emphasised as personalised recommendations and thus well highlighted. The purpose is not to exclude products but to match products to the needs of the customer.

A Product Guide is a part of the sales strategy of Online Shops because it attracts well paying customers with the willingness to buy. The Product Guide creates a real online shopping experiences during which the customer learns about the product range. In the end the customer is lead to a well informed buying decision.

Further terms used for Product Guides are Product Advisor, Interactive Product Adivsor, Product finder or Guided Selling Solution. etc.