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The story of Germany's leading outdoor retailer begann in 1946, when Otto Scheck introduced the first collection of functional winter cothing. From then on, SportScheck expanded rapidly and became in 1988 a part of the Otto Group.

SportScheck operates 20 stores throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and conducts catalog sales and eCommerce activities in the entire DACH region. The company traditionally interacts closely with its customers and hosts a variety of events and trainings for them. Sportscheck's aspiration is to provide demanding customers with high-quality products, experte product adivce and perfect service at a fair price. The expertise about products and which material meets the demands of the customer is thereby essential. In course of SportScheck's rapid online growth it was therefore the obvious choice to bring expert product advice and excellent services also online.

SportScheck relies since 2012 on excentos Guided Selling Technologies and uses excentos Product guides in almost all relevant product categories.


To provide expert product advice and excellent services online

  • 100% service and expertise online - in order to consolidate SportSchecks position as market leader in future marketing and sales
  • Expert product advice that inform the customers about the product - and really helps them to make a buying decision
  • Increasing conversion, upselling and cross-selling
  • Enable online advice instore and combine the advantages of online and traditional expertise
  • To display frequently changing product range, availability and prices dynamically
  • Seamless integration of the corporate design and additional integration of advertising and testimonials


Product advice online as from the best store assistant

  • web-based Product Guides for more than 10 product categories, such as sports, outdoor and fashion
  • strong omnichannel concept: Porduct Guides for desktop, iOS apps, smartphones. The instore product Guides use separat themes with different usability and advice concepts but relies on the same core of product data, recommendation behavior and content.
  • SportScheck can adapt the entire content in the excentos Backend
  • Special Instore Solutions support customers and sales personnel
  • Reduction of the return rate due to special recommendation strategies
    • Comprehensive expert advice provides relevant knowledge that answers all questions
    • User friendly navigation; customers can switch between the different stages of the process or directly to the result list at any time
    • Tips and videos of SportScheck athletes, for example of the olympic champion Nils Schumann, have been produced specificly for the excentos Product Guides
    • Detailed explanation texts help customers to understand all product features and support them in their buying decision
    • Intelligent product comparisons for sport articles
    • Support for a multitude of integration points (e.g. category overviews, menus, banner, product detail pages)
    Desktop Guided Selling

    faceted search
    Individual reasoning
    Top usability and optimised widgets
    • Instore Product Guides with cost-effective tablets for a few hundred euros per store
    • Touch optimized theme: 100% web-based with the look and feel eof an app
    • Specific UI optimization for difficult situations (e.g. customers with shopping bags). iPads: Retina display optimized image delivery
    • Supports customers and sales personnel (e.g. as conversation stater or to bridge wating periodes)
    • Optional multi-channel features: display the available online products or only the products available in the store, buying in the store, home delivery, newsletter registration, and many more options for the perfect instore kiosk terminals.
    IPad App Guided Selling
    instore Guided Selling

    Personalized recommendations
    Need-orientated faceted search
    Individual reasoning
    Top usability and optimised widgets
    • 100% responsive user interface for all devices: desktop, tablets, phablets and smartphones
    • Responsive UIs use the canvas prinzip: phasen navigation, result lists, expert filter and explanation contents are divided in separate areas (canvas) and are displayed according to the user interaction.
      The number of simultaneously displayed canvas, if 1, 2 or 3, depends on the size of the device.
    • The responsive UI is available for all devices and all Products Guides and features
    • Many touch, swipe and app-like functions that are equally optimized for touch screens and click interaction
    IPad App Guided Selling Solution

    Personalized recommendations
    Need-orientated faceted search
    Individual reasoning
    Top usability and optimised widgets