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excentos provides you with powerful tools to analyze your target groups efficiently. Monitor your sales success and collect valuable usage data.

  • Data
  • Measure your success
  • Data

    Get to know your customers
    • Collect valuable user information and buying desires
    • Optimize your marketing strategy and customer approach
    Do you want to know your customer's interests? Guided Selling provides you with the information you seek. Unlike normal analytic tools, it records every user activity. Thereby it collects million of datasets of their online shopping behavior and buying desires. This way excentos provides data for the optimization of your marketing strategy.
  • Measure your success

    Measure your success

    Guided Selling informs your customers and leads them to a certain buying decision. excentos analytics proves exactly this process: customers get informed about the product's attributes ("Interest"), they visit the product detail page, view pictures and finally buy the product ("Success").

    Guided Selling increases Conversion, Upselling and Cross Selling - and it can be proven any time.

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