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Send your customers an email with their most favorite product recommendation.
Stay on your customer's mind and bring them back to your shop or website.

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Creates qualified leads for your partners and sales department and
ensures a controlled and transparent sales process - including mailing and seamless CRM integration.


increased customer retention, more Leads

centralized lead management

enhanced retailer loyalty


Seamlessly integrate mailing and your CRM into the Product Guide and receive a PDF copy of the user's input and contact details. The easy way to create warm leads!

Personalized emails for improved customer relations

With excentos automated and personalized emails, you make sure that your customers are reminded of the advantages of your product and find their way back to your website.

Personalized Email for your Customers

Increase customer loyalty with personalized emails

With excentos personalized email technology, customers using your Product Guide can choose their favorite product recommendation and receive an email which contains all information of the customer profile and the product recommendation, thereby reminding your customer of your product. This email lists all of the product's advantages and provides backlinks to your product or the Product Guide. Your customer can continue the purchase with only one click. Upon request, the customer profile and product recommendations can be displayed in an attached and personalized PDF brochure.

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Personalized Emails