Internationalize your Product Guides

Go live in as many markets as you like - but remain extremely effective:
Share a central configuration but allow local adaptations to cover all market-specific needs.

The challenge of international rollouts is to effectively support many markets with local adaptations, but at the same time remain effective with a central logic. We have integrated our many years of experience in providing international rollouts into powerful features of the excentos Workbench to allow you powerful access to all rollout-specific configurations.
Easy Configuration and Maintenance

Easy and powerful international rollout

Depending on your requirements, you can adapt the language only, or define very specific localized configurations of your Product Guide. To support full scalability of your international rollout, every step of internationalization is done in the excentos Workbench so that you can centrally control all markets.
  • the Product Guides can be used in as many countries as you like - no matter if only providing 1 more language or supporting 50 additional countries. We've already done it.
  • the content can be internationalized quickly and effectively directly online in our Workbench, so your country teams or translation agencies can directly test and refine their results
  • every country can have different data feeds and product assortments, with different prices and availabilities
  • depending on your strategy, there can be a central configuration that is identical for each markets combined with local adaptations on a per-market level. Or you can create an own Product Guide per country if you need fully flexibility and if local / international teams will independently maintain the Product Guides
  • the advisor process and the recommendation behavior automatically adapt to the local data feeds
  • every market can even use its own theme in order to adapt the screendesign or even implement a completely different user interface
  • if your organization runs several brands or retail platforms, you can use the above combination of features to create brand-specific Product Guides that are localized to many countries and recommend the country- or market-specific product assortment