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Channel Solutions

Integrate your Product Guide into websites of your partners and affiliates.

Your revenue is not only driven on your brand website?
Then boost sales in your partner's webshops and affiliate websites.

The Channel Solution allows you to increase your sales revenue and connect your retailers with your brand by providing excellent Product Advice and customer service wherever it is needed.


With the excentos Channel Solution, your Product Guides are integrated into as many digital contact points in the buying journey of your end customers as you like.

The contact points can be e.g. brand websites of every market, partner webshops, affiliate websites, comparison websites and many more. You and your channel partners will benefit from higher revenues, and additionally, increase retailer loyalty.

Better content and convincing buying arguments at every point of decision

The Channel Solution allows you to streamline the sales of your products at every point of decision:

  • your high-quality product content: the Product Guide displays your product content, product images, buying arguments and marketing message
  • be present at the point of decision: your customers decide at many different touchpoints. The Channel Solution connects you to your end-users, even if they typically don't visit your website
  • strengthens retailer loyalty through value-added for your retail partners - both brands and retailers benefit from increased sales
  • effective sales promotion for all sales partners: dynamically run product promotions or sales campaigns across the entire sales channel
  • gain consumer insights: learn about purchase needs and preferred products by powerful Web Analytics data that provides insights about every end user interaction

Examples and further infos

Control your Channel Solution in the powerful excentos Workbench

You can control most settings of the Channel Solution in the excentos Workbench so you have extremely easy access to all content, recommendation behaviour and basic settings of your Product Guides.
You can combine a central control of all basic settings with a de-centralised approach of letting localization or even configuration freedom to your brand or regional / market managers or even the Channel Partners themselves.

There is no limitation to the number of Channel Partners and excentos offers a flexible pricing scheme to make your rollout easy and effectively.

The Channel Solution helps you to provde accurate and always up-to-date product information since excentos automatically pulls your central data feed and, if needed, each Channel Partner's data feed (e.g. for prices and availability) as often as you like.

Additional options for the Channel Solutions include
  • you can use all features of Internationalization and Rollout, such as providing different data feeds per Channel Partner, using different themes or styling per Channel Partner and everything you need to adapt a Product Guide to another sales contact point
  • adapt price and availability per Channel Partner
  • allow your Channel Partners to integrate a custom logo / shop message in the Product Guide
  • define a different recommendation behavior with e.g. push factors, merchandising rules or even complex business rules

Possible combinations

In combination with the excentos Lead Generator, you can also offer an effective multi-channel lead / inquiry management.

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