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    Deliver AI-Driven recommendations for need-based
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Buying decisions made easy

Product Guides help your customers to make educated buying decisions.
Understand your customers needs by asking simple questions and lead them to
ideal product recommendations.Provide your customers with the advice they need.

Try our example Camera Guide:

Product Features

Drive sales innovation according to your business needs
with excentos Guided Selling features

Personalized Recommendations

Improve customer satisfaction with personalized sales

Give your customer journey a human touch. Our technology provides advanced personalization for your customer interaction, communication and recommendations. Offer your customers an intimate shopping experience.

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Intelligent Reasoning

Convince your customers with individual arguments

Drive conversion by showing your customers that you understood their needs. Our Intelligent Reasoning is provided for every customer and explains how your products fulfils their requirements.

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Cross Selling

Recommend entire product sets that really match

Cross Selling is the ideal addition to increase revenues and margins. excentos makes use of expert sales knowledge to generate precise recommendations that are truly relevant.

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Chatbots and Intelligent Assistants

Product Guides in their most intuitive form

With excentos, you can bring intelligent Chatbots into your website to offer digital advice and customer support. Our Chatbots take care of your customers 24/7 in the most personal way and can be fully adapted to your customer's needs. Natural Language Processing and an innovative Voice Interface allows your visitors to interact with your brand using the most natural way of communication: Chat or voice.

As intuitive as a natural sales conversation

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If customers are disappointed by the search function, 80% leave the website and 75% never return
Forrester Research & Jupiter Research

Faceted Search

An effective search is the basis of every online sales process.

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Web Analytics

excentos provides you with powerful tools to analyze your target groups efficiently.

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Free-text Search

Provide your customers with a tool that allows them to search for products in a natural way.

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AI-based Self-Optimization

Our Product Guide's AI learns from every click of your customer.

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Digital Advice, Anywhere and Anytime

Across every device and touchpoint

Advise your customers across every device and touchpoint. excentos Product Guides provide your customers with a user-friendly and unified customer experience across all channels - anytime and anywhere.

Speak Your Customer's Language in Every Market

International Rollout
Advise each of your visitors, wherever they are. Easily adapt language, recommendation behavior, question flow and product assortment for each market individually.


Offer your customers the best experience

We bring together a fluid and accessible usability with modern and fully customizable design.

Try the Workbench

Use the excentos Workbench to build Product Guides for free.


Different Themes

And different experiences.
Take a look at the User Interfaces we offer in the Workbench.

See our Themes

Lead Management: turn your visitors into customers

Lead Generator and Personalized Emails

Creates qualified leads for your partners and sales department and ensures a controlled and transparent sales process - including mailing and seamless CRM integration.

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PDF Generator

Remind your customers of the perfect product. Backlinks to the Product Guide, your product detail pages or directly to the shopping cart make PDFs the perfect coming back feature for your Leads.

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  • Channel Solutions

    Integrate your Product Guide into websites of your retail partners and affiliates.

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  • Instore Solution

    Interactive sales support, in your stores and 24/7.

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  • Product Comparison

    Create a quick overview and help your customers to choose between the best products.

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  • Configurator

    Combine the configuration of complex products with the advantages of Product Advice.

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  • Calculator

    Convince your customers with meaningful figures.

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  • Size and Color Advisor

    Finally a reliable way to shop fashion online.

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  • Smart Preselection

    Complicated decisions - simplified by intelligent explanations

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