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Personalized recommendations - convince your customers and sell more.

excentos Guided Selling solutions generate personalized recommendations. excentos calculates for every user request the matching products and provide an individual reasoning:

  • Every recommendation is personalized on the basis of the user profile
  • The reasoning is calculated for a specific user
  • Data on buying history, product returns and user profiles connected to your shop or website can be included.

  • Can you view and save user profiles?

    Every user profil is saved in excentos Analytics and any time viewable.

    The web-based access to excentos Analytics ensures that all data are available any time:
    • Every user profile is saved including all activities (with all selected question and answer options), requests, used exit links, call to actions and the chosen product recommendations
    • excentos analytics additionally provides information about the referrer, browser, user IDs and many more.

    Upon request, excentos can provide the analytics data in different formats for further use. And you choose if via live connection or as batch processing.

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