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One line of script code - to integrate your Product Guide seamlessly into your shop or website.

The Product Guides integrate as Single Page App with only one line of JavaScript code into your shop or CMS system. excentos operates the Product Guides on a convenient SaaS (Software as a Service) basis. Therefore, you do not need any additional IT infrastructure.
You simply embed the one line of the following code into a blank integration page that can be generated by every CMS or shop system.

 1 |  <!-- copy this code into your integration page -->
 2 |  <script
 3 |       src=”//service.excentos.com/projectName/systemName/applicationName/locale/loadadvisor? theme=default”>
 4 |  </script>
 5 |  <!-- end of excentos integration -->

The integration code enables the JavaScript code provided by service.excentos.com to be executed in your integration page. excentos JavaScript code represents the entire Product Guide's User interface within your integration page.

Information and Examples

The variable systemName defines the specific product range of a country. The variable themeis defined through information past the ? (parameter separator) e.g. the responsive Client, the Instore Theme or a special Mobile Theme.
The URL does not include "https" in order to use the same protocol like the shop or website.
For example:

  • https://service.excentos.com/bikeshop/DE/bikeadvisor/de_DE/loadadvisor?theme=responsive

    opens the Bike-Advisor for the country product range "DE" in the locale de_DE in the responsive Theme

  • excentos can, upon request, define scenarios for which the Product Guide opens with previous set parameters. E.g. starting with a specific answer option (facet) or phase or product category:

  • https://service.excentos.com/bikeshop/CH/bikeadvisor/fr_CH/loadadvisor?theme=instore&$bikeType=racing&$gender=female

    Opens the Bike-Advisor for the country product range "CH" in Swiss French with Instore Theme (e.g. for iPads optimized) and sets the facet bikeType on racing and the Gender facet on female.This way the Product Guide can be perfectly predefined for links from, for example, a banner promoting racing bikes for women.

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