Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is, when camouflaged buyers measure and test the service quality and shopping experience, by pretending to be a customer, conducting a sales conversation with the staff. That is also possible without entering a store or actually buying depending on the way of Mystery Shopping.

Objectives of Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopper is a tool, which can give directors of retailers gather intel about the service quality, consulting, shopping experience and the safety of their store. The knowledge helps to improve the relevant factors by training their sale staff or investments.

Options of Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping can be classed in the following categories, which are measured by the level of consulting and face-to-face-interaction:

  • Option 1: Shopping-, Service-, Workshoptest - Use of services
  • Option 2: Hotline-Tests, email requests, check on prices - by Mystery tests
  • Option 3: Theft-test, promotion- and store check- by inspecting the point of sale (POS)
  • Option 4: Time measurement - for e.g. catalogue ordering, delivery time measurement

Results of an evaluation of a Mystery Shopping

  1. Improved brand-presence at the point of sale (POS)
  2. Advantageous merchandise presentation
  3. Well trained sales staff
  4. Recognizing potential for additional business or follow-ups